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Topic: What If: Nintendo made a Metroid/F-Zero Crossover?

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Flying across space, Samus learns of a bounty for a well known criminal last seen around Port Town, an area in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet Earth. The name of this criminal is Deathborn; he is a leader in the underground racing circuit on Earth. More machine than man, he has been confirmed dead three times, only to resurface days later. And so, Samus lands in Port Town, looking for the first traces of the mysterious Deathborn.

She is not the only one on the lookout for him; a bounty hunter known as Captain Falcon lives in Port Town and actively seeks out bounties there. Their familiar goal leads them to cross paths. Aran is told by the Captain that many people who know information about Deathborn are active in the F-Zero races, which Captain Falcon also participates in. By simply changing her ships propulsion system to generate a low-gravity field, Samus joins in both the F-Zero and the underground circuits.

Gameplay includes racing and Metroid Prime-style exploration. Simple things like driving to destinations and then searching an area, whether it be a busy street, or abandoned structure transition quick and fluidly. Mission in which you chase down an enemies car, jump out and engage in a battle show the best of both series'. Going through buildings can have the the same Metroid puzzles that the series is known for, and the use of Captain Falcon not in his car hasn't been seen except in Smash Bros.

What do you think?

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Day 1.

Miyamoto on his desire to focus more on the (hard)core Nintendo fan.

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Sounds like that would pretty much print money for Nintendo.

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In don't think that's the F-Zero we were looking for.

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That would be AMAZING!11

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Give me a new F-Zero game first THEN I'd be all over this crossover!

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Awesome. I think.

If I can be completely honest, I thought Samus and Captain Falcon were somehow related when the first Smash Bros. came out. I have no idea why or how.

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When I think about it, F-Zero and Metroid are ripe for crossover potential. The F-Zero Circuit could easily be the commercialized and pedestrian side of Metroid's galaxy, a side which is never explored in the actual Metroid games themselves.

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