Topic: What happens when Shigeru Miyamoto, Eji Anouma, Yoshio Sakamoto, Ken Sugimori, Satoshi Tajiri and Masahiro Sakurai die?

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@OptometristLime: The reason I'm hugely depressed and post bad threads like this is that nobody seems to realize how important Nintendo is not just in the gaming industry, but for the world in general.

Nintendo's balancing economy has even struck the prime minister of Japan that the economy in Japan should be something like Nintendo. I get it ok. Nintendo exists to make money. I get that I'm behaving like a kid here and ranting and babbling unnecessary stuff over here and I know that there's nothing I can do when Nintendo goes bankrupt.

Here's the problem though......I want to make atleast one game for Nintendo only so that I can experience the way I can make games on Nintendo products. You guys have and CAN get the opportunity to do so but I can't and I have to wait for it. I never got the chance to see Miyamoto-San or Reggie but you guys have. I feel as though my life isn't complete unless I'm able to fufill my dreams. Yes its takes time and a LOT of it but I don't want Nintendo to go away by the time I get the chance to make games for Nintendo.

I have been making plans on my own of how to make games to the next level. But in the end, it needs to be executed and that is bound to take lots of time and money I get that. But again, my point is, I don't want to realize that I can't achieve my dream because Nintendo is soley the reason that I'm happy.....I try to do other things that make me happy like reading stuff and whatnot but they don't work a lot like Nintendo does with their games. When I see the logo of Nintendo to this day (I wish it was red though) I see hope. Depression is even worse than cancer and entertainment can get rid of it if its done right and Nintendo seems to do that really well.

I don't know about you guys, but you really need to understand how it feels like to be left out in the dark being ignored.

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By the time they are gone we will have new game designers that we revere.

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@Artwark is what I have to say. First of all, chances are that the day all those people die is probably going to happen later than sooner. Second, a lot of us were sad when Iwata died, and chances are we'd be sad when everyone else dies. Some of the people on the site stated how important Iwata was, and stated how sad they were to see him go, where as others (like me) played video-games Iwata worked on in his honor. Third, just slow down there. Just because those guys will be gone at some point doesn't mean that Nintendo is all of a sudden going to change for the worse. Theyr're probably already preparing some newcomers to take their place in the future and continue work as usual. And even if Nintendo DID change for the absolute worst, chances are that we won't have to worry about it for a while. Fourth, you need to relax. You treat Nintendo like its the only thing in life that's important to you. Hell, I have "Nintendo fan" in my name, and even I think you're taking things a bit too far! Also, I know this might sound bad...but I think you need to stop mourning Iwata. I know that sounds horrible, but just think: would he want you to be this upset? Would he want people to continue being sad because of him? I think it might be time to move on. Fifth, this thread is horrible. I mean...why? Why does this need to exist?
@NightmareEater Just wanted to say that sounded like you wanting them to die just to get what you want, which is just plain horrible.

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Honestly, there's one big thing we need to realize. Games aren't made by a single person (except when they are).
Even when all these people die eventually, their legacy won't end. Of course, nobody will be able to imitate their ways of creativity, but never forget that they worked in a team - a team that worked together on big ideas, and brought them to life. Losing the legends you name might hit hard, but it's neither the end of Nintendo nor the game series they created. Nintendo will find other people to continue where they left off, and everything will go on.

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lmao, what happens when they retire would be a more fitting question

People retire dude, they dont work till the day they die

and yes, life goes on...

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"Here's the problem though......I want to make atleast one game for Nintendo only so that I can experience the way I can make games on Nintendo products."

This is something you won't ever have to worry about. Trust me.

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@Drowsy: Welcome to NL!
@NintendoFan64 I think he wanted them to be replaced with someone else,not get killed so someone can take their job i think.
@Artwark " is that nobody seems to realize how important Nintendo is not just in the gaming industry, but for the world in general.
You're acting like we don't know Nintendo's role in anything! Stop that it's getting very annoying

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You're making it sound like all of them will die at the same time, before they ritares.



@Artwark: Listen, I understand you're worried. Iwatams death took the entire indistry by surprise and now Nintendo is more of a wild card than ever. At the same time, you need to remember who it is exactly that's in charge of finding the next CEO. Assuming Iwata didn't leave instructions or name anyone, Miyamoto and Tezuka are behind this decision. Now tell me, as much respect as you have for these guys, can you honestly believe they would choose someone they thought would try to make Nintendo go mobile only? No! Far more likely they'd choose someone cut from Yamauchi's cloth which would be a scary proposition in its own.

With that said, please try not to insult us. Some of us actively follow gaming history. Others were there for it. And still others are at least aware of the current situation and where Nintendo stands in it. There are few here who would believe Nintendo vanishing could ever be a good thing. I, myself, have put considerable attention to some of the most dire moments in gaming and seen why Nintendo survives when no one else can. (Well, no one else other than Activision who seem to just be impervuous to negative consequences.)

Now as I've said, we're not completely flying blind. We've seen a glimpse of the next generation of Nintendo craftsman and it is glorious. Maybe a bit flawed, but they have time. It'll likely only get better. Just sit down, enjoy the ride, and above all else HAVE FUN! It's what Iwata would've wanted. Not this thread.

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like if they don't train possible successors right now

Nintendo is passing the torch, albiet in super-slow motion


@Artwark: You're not alone in worrying about Nintendo's future. Hell, I'm still mourning Iwata in my own way.

I lament that the gaming community has become a cesspool of memes and civil degeneracy, but I find solace in Nintendo and their products as a whole. There's always going to be a vast majority of jerk-offs like there are in this thread. Apparently anonymity is an entitlement to act in such a manner. However, when I think of Iwata and what he's done for the gaming community I realized he gave me a special gift.

In the constant, relentless torrent of bull I put up with in my day-to-day, everything I experience from Nintendo still makes me as giddy as a little kid. No grown man should ever be seen jumping up and down in excitement in public, giggling like a kid when playing video games or just discussing them in friendly company. Most would be embarrassed or ashamed about that. Me? I don't give a damn. I have fun. A Hell of a lot of fun, and I know Iwata would be happy about that.

I'm still sad that he's gone. Don't doubt that, but despair is a dangerous adversary. I refuse to let my treasured pastime become perverted and trampled on by competition who has no respect for what gaming means to me. I will not waver, and neither should you. Your ambitions for Nintendo to carry on not just Iwata's legacy but ALL of the staff we respect and admire is one of the most noble things I've 20, I think, but I digress.

Take your time to mourn. We all go at our own pace, but one of these days you're going to have to dust off and keep pressing forward.

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@UGXwolf: And who from the Yamauchi family is to be trusted in this?

.....I guess I got carried away and I apologize for that. Its just that...I feel people blame Iwata-San for wrong reasons.... Like how can he be blamed for the Wii U's failure? How is it that he's the one to be blamed for making Nintendo so into old times? Nintendo was actually far ahead of time and yet, people act like he is the only one to be blamed here.

And this is something I still don't understand..... If the board of directors are just as powerful as a CEO, then what's the point of having a CEO in the first place?

Honestly, the only ones I can think of that can move over are Tatsumi Kimishima but now I realized that he's too old to run as CEO.

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I am not an expert on these things but I am pretty sure the same thing will happen that happens when anyone else dies, life goes on.

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If they die (or more likely retire first), then someone else will take their place and leave their own mark on Nintendo. They're not going to be around forever, it's stupid to think that. We can't change that, so we should enjoy the games being made by them (and the teams who ALSO make the games. Remember, as great as these people are, they're not the only ones working on their games) while we can rather than just get depressed that they're going to eventually leave.

As for Nintendo's future? Don't worry. They can handle themselves just fine. Iwata's death was incredibly sad for the company, but they'll keep moving forward. The best thing to do is to move forward with them.

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GrizzlyArctos wrote:

If they die (or more likely retire first), then someone else will take their place and leave their own mark on Nintendo. They're not going to be around forever, it's stupid to think that.

Well.....they seem to be the only ones who do handheld gaming right. Plus, companies like Disney don't seem to go bankrupt anytime soon. Same for SEGA, Konami, Activision and heck even EA......

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Dying? well all have to die buddy. Surely they will retire much before they die.

Miyamoto has done great things and it's still one of the very few developers that thinks about gaming. but on the other hand, he is old, tired, with an ego of the size of the world and he just doesn't works as good as he did before. Neglecting 2D Mario for almost 20 years just "because he doesn't like them" and reviving it with very few interest and passion speaks volume of what HE considers a game should be and not what the audience really likes it. Another proof to his ego is that, if a game of his is successful it's because he is a genius but if it fails it because "audiences didn't get it". Really? he never has the fault for anything? Absurd. He even defended the goddamn Virtual Boy for heavens sake! I think he did great things in the past but he needs to step aside and let new blood get in.

I suppose Zelda will get better once Aounuma leaves (not necessarily dying just retiring). Since he has being in charge of Zelda it changed from an action-adventure game with rpg elements in a LOTR-style fantasy world, to a boring, dull, anime interactive manga with puzzles everywhere and stupid worlds. Just thinking that Miyamoto put him in charge of zelda because he used to make puppets in college is just plain ridiculous. Zelda is not a great franchise anymore thanks to that clown that cries for everything.

I admire sakurai but i think he needs to take a rest from Smash bros. The last ones are good but feel rushed and tired. Maybe work as a producer and give the creativity rains to some younger developers with fresh ideas. That's probably the only games I like from him. I found Kid icarus dull and never being a fan of Kirby, so I don't care.

Sakamoto is a failed mediocre filmmaker making games. He is a pathetic story maker and would work better flipping burgers. At least he would be more useful to society than making quirky games that nobody likes or destroying Metroid to fit his "sensibilities".

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And in the future please make sure to post there, the amount of threads you're making is getting out of hand, when 99% of them should go in the chit-chat thread.

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