Topic: What grade/college are you going to in the fall?

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I almost wish I was still in school or college, then I could worry less about day-to-day bills, lack of permanent job, money, etc.

College nights and weekends with "no homework" were some of the best days I've ever had.

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Turn that frown upside-down. I'm sure some of those weekends where you did have homework were among the worst days you've ever had.

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Like the almost-all nighter 3D Modeling Final?

shudders Damn my last-minute habits!

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I'll be in 5th Grade.

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i'm going into 8th grade and in my middle school we can take language starting in 7th gradde which i did. so i gots 1 year of spanish then for 8th grade ill have 2 then i might do it for 1 year in college. our spanish teacher makes us watch 30 minutes of spanish tv every night and write about it so everyone just makes it up lol

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Xkhaoz wrote:

6th grade.

Me too dude, I start in August

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fudgenuts wrote:

I'm going to be in the 7th grade. and I have to take a foreign language (Spanish).

Thats exactly what I am going into and doing next year

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