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Topic: What genré(s) do you wish you were better at?

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I wish I could trade my FPS skills with my JRPG skills, since I don't like FPSes

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Happy_Mask wrote:

Generic FPS's, simply because I dislike the genre. :P
On second thought, I don't wish I was better at them. :P

Yeah, pretty much. I guess I would like to be better at fighting games though, as seeing how amazing other people are makes me feel bad :P

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SRPGs. I like them just fine, but they don't seem to like me for some reason. I'm just not good at thinking, the often necessary, 5-10 steps ahead of my opponents. And when my brain actually is working, I still ruin things by overthinking the situation and/or overlooking a small, but crucial, piece of information.

And fighting games too, mostly just because I'm tired of always losing to anybody with the slightest semblance of skill; I've only ever been moderately good at a handful of games in the genre (SoulCalibur, Power Stone series, Smash Bros. series).

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Fighting games for me too. I cannot deal with combos. No way I'm pressing more than 2 buttons to perform a move. I played the new Mortal Kombat a while ago with some friends and lost every single round. My strategy was basically to hop across the stage at them and try to kick them in the face.


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Shooting games I'm good at them but not great. :)

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Action and porn. We are talking 'bout movie genres here, right?

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