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Topic: What genres do you like now but didn't before

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Traditional fighters.

I had Street Fighter II on the SNES as a kid, but I found it too difficult to make it to M. Bison at the time, and I'd always lose if I did make it (it didn't help matters that I couldn't figure out to do a Hadouken, lol).

In 2007, I got SoulCalibur III for the PS2, and absolutely fell in love with it. It, along with Dead or Alive 4 (which I got sometime after) made me a traditional fighter fan.

I'm currently playing the King of Fighters XIII on 360.

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RR529 wrote:

I'm currently playing the King of Fighters XIII on 360.

Nice did you pick that up through the Ultimate Games Sale?

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Shooters, to some small extent.

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Reading through this thread, I'm realising I dislike a lot more genres than I so like. (ーー;)I hate sports games, shooting games, survival horror games (I can only survive past the tutorial…) and I used to hate RPGs but I love those now.


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I don't recall ever outright disliking any game genre, but I suppose the closest answer to the OP would be everything that falls under the somewhat vast "strategy" umbrella (tactical RPGs, real-time strategy and so on).

Mostly because I was freaking terrible at them. Well, I'm still really, really bad at most strategy games (the Pikmin series and Sakura Wars might be the only exceptions), but I've grown weirdly fond of the genre over the years.

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stealth , since I bought metal gear solid :snake eater 3d

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