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I was thinking was there ever a genre that you never liked before and do now? What game made you change your mind about that genre?

For me it would be FPS. The lest time I played FPS were games like Doom and Goldeneye on the N64, but recent I decided to try Borderlands cause of the RPG element to it but I have come to enjoy the FPS part of it too. Now I am enjoying games like Left 4 Dead and Halo Reach. Mind you I dont like the CoD games. But sci fi FpS I find quite enjoyable now.

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Probably Rhythm games, I had No RHYTHM so I really disliked playing rhythm games.
But then the rhythm games started helping me with rhythm so I really enjoy them now x3.

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Probably RPG's and Strategy games. I was never interested in rpg's until a few years ago and now I enjoy them quite a lot. As for strategy games, i'm still not the biggest fan, but I do enjoy things such as Fire Emblem and Pikmin.

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RPGs. I hated FFIV on the DS as a kid, but now my favorite 3DS games are Etrian Odyssey IV and Fire Emblem Awakening.

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JRPGs. Other than Pokemon, I never really cared about them. Than I played Mother 3, Dragon Quest, and Persona, and found out that the genre is actually really good.

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Hack 'n Slash. It's still a little vague.

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Other than Super Smash Bros. I never really was introduced to any other fighting series. I've been getting really into series like Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter as of late.

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Rhythm games took me about 6 weeks of hating them before becoming my favorite genre.

FPS took a while for me, can't recall how long, but dual-analog was really clunky at the start. Got used to it eventually.

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For me it is RPG'S. When I was younger the only RPG's I like were Pokemon games, but then I played Chrono Trigger and the rest is history! That was back in 2010 and I bought like 10 RPG's that year...let's just say that it was a very awesome year.

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I used to hate turn based RPGs when I was younger. I guess they were just to slow for my taste at the time. Once I started playing them more I really got into them though. Can't remember what game got me into them but it was probably a final fantasy.

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Since being employed in mid-2011, I would say I've gotten much more into the survival horror, fighting and RPG genres.

My first survival horror game was Resident Evil Revelations, it sucked on the story front, and so I went onto play Renegade Kid's Dementium. I completed that game, amazed, and then eventually played Dementium II near Halloween 2012. Since, I've played Slender and I have been thinking of getting Resident Evil Deadly Silence.

As for fighting, I have definitely played Super Smash Brothers games, but only on the 3DS have I gone to Dead or Alive and Street Fighter. Both games have really impressed me, at times more so than Smash, and I'm looking to order up some DS fighters in the future. I may get the Tekken game for the Wii U soon too.

Xenoblade Chronicle's the game that really changed my mind about RPGs beyond those associated with Mario and Pokemon, and it's the first RPG I've completed beyond those franchises. Since then, I've tried out two RPGs, The Last Story and Nostalgia, and beat the latter recently. Right now, I'm planning on moving to Code of Princess, which I got last Christmas, though I'm also thinking of going back to The Last Story.

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strategy games thanks to sid meiers civilization revolution and fire emblem <3



I used to really dislike rhythm games. Then I played Rhythm Heaven, and the rest is history

I also disliked open-world games because often I'd find that I had nothing to do. I guess the genre has come along quite a bit from the days of GTA3 though, because now I find open world to be one of the genres which engrosses me the most. Either that, or I've learned to appreciate the hard work and effort which went into making the world believable and fun to explore.

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Shmup. I used to dislike them as a kid, now that they're almost extinct, scarce if you will, I always find myself having a softside for them.

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I never really liked football (soccer) games when I was very young, but now I love to play Pro Evo.



Aside from sports games there really aren't any genres I don't like, I just haven't really developed a taste for them until now. After playing Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Right I started to get into visual novels and puzzle games a little bit, growing up I just never really had the patience (go figure) to sit through them despite RPGs always being one of my favorite genres. I still prefer logic puzzles to anything else though.

Tower defense games are something that just haven't interested me until I played Final Fantasy crystal chronicles: My Life as a Darklord (my god, why does it have such a long name?), really enjoyed it even though I'm not a big Final Fantasy fan. Plants vs. Zombies is the other game that got me into tower defense style games, such an addictive game too.



Gotten into racing games recently. I liked Mario Kart like everyone else before, but now I'm really enjoying other non-traditional racers like Sonic Racing Transformed, Burnout and Motorstorm.
Also becoming more tolerant to FPSs (mainly because of Borderlands), but I'd rather play any other game apart from CoD.
I'm also liking fighting games lot, but mostly just watching them on YouTube because I'm awful at them...

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Adventure games like Zelda.The first time I played Ocarina of time I was like"why do i have to walk in this empty field(Hyrule field)".Now I love Zelda and games with a lot of exploration

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