Topic: what genre of video games do you find the most addicting

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for me I'm gonna say puzzle. Example: I am forcing myself not to play anymore pictobits until my vacation, but it's so addicting

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Arcade, survival horrors, puzzle, but the king of addictiveness is Role playing genre



It's a toss up really between shmups and puzzle... and fighting.... can't forget FPS... it's hard for me to put down an RPG...
I can't decide, but if I had to choose it would be shmups at the moment.

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Must, come, first!



-Music/rhythm based games
-Online/group interaction




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2-D Platformers
Arcade Games, ya know the ones that were meant to addict you so much you spent money.

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I'm not sure why, but I love those masochist platformers that have you raging after a cheap death. Can't stop.



Platformers, puzzles, RPGs, and certain FPS.

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Anyone has played I Wanna Be The Guy? That's a freaking funny masochist game...



Certain puzzler games (Tetris, Peggle, Solomon's Key, etc), and defintiely "sandbox"/open-world games (GTAs, Bully, Saint's Row). With the sandbox games it'll usually take me forever to finish the main storyline because i always get distracted just randomly wandering around the game world engaging in shenanigans for hours. And of course RPGs (esp. old-school), just recently began FFVI to watch the intro (and remind myself which one it was, lol), and now i'm like 20 hours in when i had no intention of really playing through it again now.

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platformers, hack'n slash, action RPG, racing (i'm looking at you, Mario Kart Wii!!!), and 2D sidescrollers


Dungeon Crawlers.



Shooters (Star Parodier and Soldier Blade) and Platformers, oh and Punch Out, they just have that one more go factor for me. I think it's because the levels are quite short and as I'm quite short on free time for playing games so they suit my lifestyle. I love RPG's but they usually take me forever to finish these days as I haven't got the required time to invest in them.

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Nothing can keep me occupied for hours quite like a good RPG. Right now I've lost myself in the original Paper Mario (again) and still stuck in Final Fantasy IV on my DS. Man, I love both of these games.

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Survival Horror games are awesome, but that's since I'm a bit of a fan of horror in general.

I'd say freeroam games (is that a genre?). You can't get bored when you can do whatever you want. I guess I just like exploring. I can't wait for Monster Hunter 3

Also, I love FPSs.

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