Topic: What games do you want to see on Club Nintendo Rewards?

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I'm hoping for some N64 games for the Wii (I don't really like Virtual Console while playing on my 3DS)
I with my 3DS? I'd like something that highlights the 3D capabilities.

What game do you want to see on Club Nintendo Rewards for Wii?
What game do you want to see on Club Nintendo Rewards for 3DS?

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for 3DS:

  • 3D Classics: Twinbee - I've been interested in this one for a long while, but for some reason, I've never put out the cash.
  • Touch Battle Tanks 3D - Probably not gonna happen, but whatever. I know it's gotten pretty horrendous reviews, but there's something appealing about a tank game, and I wouldn't feel guilty spending coins on it.
  • Castlevania: the Adventure - Similar to the above request, I know it isn't very well liked, but I wouldn't feel guilty this way.


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for 3DS:

  • Mega Man 1-6: I've only really gotten into Mega Man 2, so having these on Virtual Console would be a blessing
  • Castlevania 1-3: Same reasons as Mega Man
  • Advance Wars 1+2: While I'm still hoping that Intelligent Systems makes a proper Advance Wars for the 3DS, the two GBA titles would be nice

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I just want to see game rewards on the UK Club Nintendo.

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Final Fantasy i (When they do third parties)
FFII (FC, sadly probably won't happen due to SE not wanting to import the japanese version on wii)

Art Style series
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At style light tracks-100 coins
F-Zero-100 coins
CN Picross-80 coins
PilotWings Resort 3DSDownload-800Coins
Denpa Men-150coins
Harmo Knight-500Coins
Pokedex 3D Pro-400Coins

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Either 3D Classics: Twinbee or 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure would be more than alright by me.

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Paper's right. You should probably move to that thread and delete this one.
BTW, welcome to Nintendo Life, @Hamsterism.

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Its not really the same thread, since the other is to talk about Club Nintendo, this thread is to guess.

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@LordJumpMad - Ah, I see. Also, Urban Champ has already been offered as a reward.
I'd like to see Super Mario World offered for Wii and any of the Mega Man games for 3DS.

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Wii: I'd like more SNES or N64 VC games.
3DS: Anything but VC games. my pants.


Wii: Meh.
3DS: Some Art Style titles (besides Boxlife and Pictobits) for 100 coins, or X-Scape for 150 just because I want to yell at people to buy it.

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  • Jett Rocket


  • Pushmo

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To name a few I really want

  • Paper Mario
  • Super Mario World
  • 3D Classic Kirby Adventure
  • Super Metroid

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