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how did that even happen

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Final Fantasy VII. You-know-what just happened, and I feel so empty and lost and my eyes are all teary. Hugging my dog helps a little, at least.


Various Game Boy games on the 3DS, Pokemon Black, NSMB DS, NSMB Wii (for what seems like the 20th time), Super Mario 64 DS, Metal Torrent.

I hardly play anything on my Wii anymore, despite owning dozens of VC games that I haven't finished.

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I am currently playing Nexon's Dragon Nest and waiting in line for Glitch, Zelda: Skyward Sword and WildStar.

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I'm currently playing nothing. I haven't played a game since the beginning of Aug and that was none other than the snooz fiesto Dead Space: Extraction. I blame the crazy summer heat 'especially' plus the frightening Break in I experienced which just made me paranoid the next week or so after it happened...Which has also screwed over my Movie waching time as well.

For the insane heat, I tried using a fan....Too noisy, i tried using my Air Conditioner which works wonders...But like the fan it was too noisy. I am sooo in need of an ultra quite higher end window air conditioner, now that i've got Isolated 'Closed' home theatre headphones coming in the mail they will knock out the fan noise hopefully hehe.

But Aug for me has been horrible. Talk about a load of annoying cow dookie bull Sh**.lol I would of had No More Heroes 2, A Boy & his Blob, Super Monkey Ball 3D and probably Donkey Kong finished up this month. sigh*

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On the PS3 I've just finished Dead Space and Dead Space Extraction(Which is far from a "snooze fest") and now I'm working my way up to Dead Space 2. Other than that, I play LBP with my siblings and I really enjoy it. I really regret passing it off as a generic platformer, there is so much things to do and I've spent the whole day creating levels on Co-op.

For the 3DS, I bought $30 worth of eShop games: Mario Land, Donkey kong 94, Link's Awakening DX and Gargoyle's quest. I also got the other two 3D classics Xevious and Urban Champ(which surprisingly I really enjoy).

I'm trading in one of games for Catherine and with the free 10 Nes games coming soon, I'll be enjoying the rest of the week off.

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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (and my 3DS Ambassador games but DQVI is my "primary" game right now)

Superb game if I have to say so

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SMB3 on Mario All-Stars, and Angry Birds online.



I haven't played anything in like a week and that is a very long time for me... I'm just burnt out on everything. I'm in the process of trying to get a PS3 but that probably won't happen for atleast two more months if at all.

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PS3 - Starting God of War III, just finished Darksiders
3DS - Ocarina of Time 3D
PC - Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2
Wii - Super Paper Mario when it arrives from Amazon

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Metal Slug 2 for the vc and Red Steel 2

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Mainly Epic Mickey, Sonic Mega Collection and Pikmin 2.


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huh? oh... the 3ds ambassador games!

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Dead Island. (in a few hours)

Already purchased it and finished molesti....errrr reading the instruction manual.



360 - Deus Ex. Loving this game great atmosphere and gameplay. The boss battles suck but apart from that its really great, it's nice to have an intelligent shooter for a change.
Also playing Batman Arkham Asylum. Missed out on this and picked it up cheap the other day.Loving it so far and it has definitely got me interested in the imminent sequel.

3DS - The ambassador games (mainly SMB ,Yoshi and Golf) and finishing of the last few quests in Solotorobo (which is a great game)

Wii - Nothing. Really want Xenoblade but I just haven't got the time to invest in it at the moment so I'm not going to buy it just yet.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time ds. I'm loving it. My favorite DS game besides Castlevania PoR.
And also Mercenaries Playground of Destruction and FF XII for Ps2.


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I'm four hours into Ys Seven now, and I'm really enjoying myself. Can't say I really have an opinion on the story and characters yet, but the gameplay and music... wow. Amazing.


My Wii has become a Netflix player and that's about it.

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Stine wrote:

I'm four hours into Ys Seven now, and I'm really enjoying myself. Can't say I really have an opinion on the story and characters yet, but the gameplay and music... wow. Amazing.

If you have any questions, be sure to post them in this thread:

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Star Fox 64 3D, where I have been doing barrel rolls and using bombs wisely.

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