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I managed to get Final Fantasy 7 for my PSP before the PS Store vanished, and I've finally made some progress. Not much, though. I'm just about to leave Aeris's house. Ugh, I should've named her "Aerith"; after Kingdom Hearts, that's what I'm used to. Oh well.


I've been playing Brink like a madman, but started getting slayed yesterday, so thought I'd take some New Vegas for a spin. It's still awesome

New name, same game.
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Mega Man X
I'll be playing this one before I open up my 3DS on the 5th, while i play the 3DS for the first time in anticipation for E3 which is happening 2 days after.

Hopefully I won't mind the Classic Controller's Squishy R button for X's dashing.

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Started playing The Conduit for the first time and so far so good.

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rhythm tengoku on my brand new gameboy micro. dang this is fun

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Mainly playing Zelda II on the VC, but also playing S.C.A.T. and MDK2 on the side.



Modern Warfare: Reflex. Still playing the mulitplayer trying to get all the golden guns, just got the gold mini uzi and dragonuv left to get.

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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

A few things put me off with this game so far...but i'll keep goin.

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Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (Nintendo DS) -
A terribly underrated adventure/mystery game with a beautifully written story. I'm currently playing it to get the best ending, since I recieved the worst possible ending last time... This game is literaly a novel, the characters feel so real, there's tons of interesting dialogue to read, and the character animations are stunning. The game also has a Noiresque feel to it that I love... It's a shame that the developers who made this game went out of business. Such an amazing game... I'm planning on importing the sequel from Europe, since it was never released in North America unfortunately. This is definitley the most beautiful game I have played in years.

Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii...)
I preordered this game and recieved it on its launch date and after a month or so of playing it constantly...the game disc scratched. I was obviously dissapointed... but after a while, I forgot about the game, I guess I was busy with SSBB or something. And now three years later, I begin to think about the game again...idk, I kind of began an obsession with the game again. I entered impulse buy mode and I bought it yesterday at gamestop for 50$. After three years, you would think that the price would go down atleast a bit... but then again it's a first party high selling Nintendo yeah, I'm kick'in some ...gluteus maximus with Baby Luigi in his carriage, lol. Best Online Wii game imo besides Mario strikers Charged.



Splat wrote:

Started playing The Conduit for the first time and so far so good.

Really enjoying this game and well worth the $10 it cost.

"What do you reckon, we're gonna have to climb that thing?" ~ Chloe Frazer

"I reckon I'M gonna have to climb that thing." ~ Nathan Drake


Right now i'm through A Link To The Past and a forgotten under appreciated SNES title called E.V.O: Search for eden. It's pretty much evolutionary theory in video game form.

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Ugh, I had to restart my game of MMX which I had already put 2 hours in...
Reason being is because i forgot to switch the Dash buttong to L in the Option menu. Instead it was set to A or you could do it by double tapping forward. Once I finally got the Dash upgrade it just felt akward.

Double tapping to pull off a dash makes you feel like Bass, but then double tapping to dash off the walls is incredibly akward and next to impossible to pull off. Pressing A to dash is also akward, because you can't do a power shot while doing so. Ya I know, blah blah blah.

I'm just annoyed i gotta restart the game now.
Anyways, once you get the Armor upgrade which reduces 50% makes the game a little too easy if you ask me.
Anyways, I LOVE the classic mega man franchise including 9, but I'm just not a big fan of the X series, aside from the original X that is and maybe X4. I've got some pretty great memories with this one no doubt hehe.

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Currently, I'm getting into the fighting genre with Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

On the side, I'm also restarting Jak II because I've had it for years and I still haven't beaten it! D:

I'm working on a game that's coming out soon!
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^Man, I still haven't finished the first game I ever played.

I'm currently marathoning the Sam & Max series. I'm now on episode 3, but since I finished Episode 4 already, I'm technically halfway through the first season.

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John_1029 wrote:

I really hope the Code-Name NX is not a sandwich oven.

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Mickeymac wrote:

Thank gawd I'm not the only person who thought Super Mario World was hard! People acted like I was crazy or something when I complained.

Ha,high five! I was reading the comments for the review on here and saw a lot of people said the game was easy. I just don't understand how they could say that! D: I definitely wasn't expecting the difficulty level. Maybe compared to the first 3 Mario games it's easy, but it's still pretty challenging imo.


I've been having a great time with Dead or alive: dimensionsand its the first traditional fighting game I've owned. I'm dissapointed that chronicle mode wasn't longer as I would've liked to find out more about all the other characters that didn't have much of a role in chronicle mode so I've been watching some cutscenes and character stories from past DOA games on youtube. I'v only got four more characters to unlock as well as the metroid stage.


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