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Playing Chronnnno Trigga!

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N64's Aydian Chronicles and shining soul 2 for gba. ~also working through Wiiware's Neves.

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ATM im trying to get all pokemon in black and in HG long hours await

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komicturtle92 wrote:





I'm stuck at a part of the game where you fight this giant beat who is very very cheap

But awesome game, indeed.

And giant 'beat'? lol Now you've got me scratching my bodacious noggin'
Man....If Sin & Punishmet were in 1080p on a 50" HDTV with 3D technology I' be foaming at the mouth! Hopefully we'll see a sequal on Nintendo's next console! Anyways, time to finish up Sin & Punishment 2 tonight hehe.



I am trying to play some classic games that I missed out on. I never played a metroid till recently, beat super metroid a few days ago. I am currently working on legends of zelda on the nes and then am gonna move on to LttP and metroid for the nes.

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Super Paper Mario- World 8-1

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Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition PS3

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I am currently playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for the PS3.



Started playing Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars on the 3DS on Sunday. And i find it highly addictive as long as you don't want to rush it. (Like i did with the third mission yesterday.)
Am thinking that the game could have been a bit more polished and could really need an online-mode. But this is only a small gripe since it shall provide me with many, many hours of entertainment the way it is.


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Just defeated Captain Deko in a horribly done hand to hand combat boss fight in Sin & punishment 2....THAT was just awful. Easily the weakest link in the entire game. Frustrating and incredibly sloppy it twas'

Actually I've had a blast with this game, up until I hit up the Valcano section of the game whch takes place after the desert.
Now, the deser itself was awesome, especially that giant crazy mutated flying tiger you fight at the end, but after that the game just hasn't been quite as fun imo. As of now, i'm in space which seems like the final part of the game. I'll be done with it tomorrow.



Hortencio wrote:

Super Paper Mario- World 8-1

Ugh, just wait until you get to World 8-3, you'll be cursing the checkpoint placement in that game.

Anyways, I'm currently playing through Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Vesperia. I'm about 7 or 8 hours into Tales of Phantasia, I just destroyed the demon that was controlling the Prince of Alvanista. I'm not sure where to go next, though. In Tales of Vesperia, I'm 12 hours in, and I just finished saving Dangrest and now I'm investigating Kol Miev (or whatever).

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Chrono Trigger, The 3rd Birthday, and Pilotwings Resort.



Sonic Colors DS. Getting all the chaos emeralds unlocks such an awesome boss battle!!


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LA Noire. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing

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Aghhh, the final Boss in Sin & Punishment 2 is driving me off the wall. He's just ridiculous challenge wise.
There's one attack that I can't seem to dodge no matter what I do. It's when there are pink beams everywhere along with pink bullets going in every direction, it's pure BS! Does anybody know hot to dodge that specific attack? eh, i guess i could just youTube it. lol

Anyways, I've faced him around 30 times, and at one point he barely had any life left on his yellow bar, but he wasted me at the last second. lol don't you hat it when that happens!?

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Games that i am currently playing to add to my 'beaten list': Castlevania 3 and DoReMi.

Multiplayer: Mario Kart Wii (online if by myself or just one friend).

Also i always load up some random shooter or arcade game (: – Short reviews of (classic) games.


snigel1 wrote:

Games that i am currently playing to add to my 'beaten list': Castlevania 3 and DoReMi.

Multiplayer: Mario Kart Wii (online if by myself or just one friend).

Also i always load up some random shooter or arcade game (:

I've only beaten Castlevania III once, but is it possible to just play the game as Trevor only? Instead of having to switch between Alucard and the other 2 characters you meet up with at some point in the game.

While those characters switched the gameplay up a bit, i still feel as if the experience by just playing as Trevor Belmont would of been better, and would of felt more like a Castlevania game than it did, even though it still did of course.



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