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Tales of Vesperia - Just got past the demo boss, thanks to the advice from Dystorce.

Tales of Phantasia - Restarted. Just got through The Long Valley, and now I'm excploring...a town. I forget it's name.

Dragon Warrior - Looted the Western Cave. Now I'm off to Kol.

Dragon Age: Origins - I'm playing as a Daylish Elf. Now headed back to the starter cave.

Dawn of War II: Retribution - Playing the Space Marine's campaign co-op with a friend.

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Still mainly playing Ridge Racer 3D final three races and a few minutes of PilotWings Resort Free Flight mode everyday. @WaveBoy: I'd start with A Boy & his Blob. It seems like a relaxed starting point game to me. Though i haven't played more than the first world yet. Decided to let it rest until i'm dying for something really refreshing and with a bit of shorter levels.


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Kainard wrote:

At the moment mainly GTA Chinatown Wars, Okami and to a lesser degree DQ IX.

On top of these i also just picked up Contact for $5 and started playing through. What a crazy little game.



Ridge Racer 3D when taking short breaks from writing up my dissertation or revising...10 days and I'm free

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I just picked up Final Fantasy XIII yesterday, on perhaps the weirdest impulse-purchase ever for me. It's my first Final Fantasy game. I know, I know. Sin.

Anyway, I'm digging the combat a lot. It's easily accessible to an RPG-inept like myself, but it still involves a lot of strategy, not to mention it always looks flashy and epic. My complaint with the game seems to be what everyone's complaint with it was: it's ridiculously linear. I'm hoping it opens up a little bit farther down the line, as I'm still in the very early stages of the game. Linearity doesn't have to be a bad thing--look at Uncharted--but the linearity here just smacks of lazy level design. Also, I'm not a fan of the art-direction in Cocoon.

Still, I'm going to give it a shot. The story is actually really well done, and I typically hate anime.

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I've played Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for 2-3 hours now, and it's seriously amazing. I know I've barely played it, but I think it might be better than 1 and 2, which is a nice surprise after going through the slightly underwhelming DS entries. I really really hope Dream Drop Distance is closer to BBS than Re:coded (by far my least favourite in the series).


Smash Bros. Brawl, Goldeneye, Pokemon White and going back into Dragon Quest VI.

I also need to finally beat the final boss in Dragon Quest IX.



Pokemon Emerald, the most awesomest pokemanz game evar!


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Nuh uh. Gold and Silver <3

Well, Gold, actually





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games im playing are in my sig insert trollface here

currently playing: Nintendogs + catsPilotwings resortPikmin 2

games I have 100% completed

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Sin & Punishmnt: Star Successor

This game is pretty damn awesome i must say.
The underwater stage left me pretty amazed and in awe, especially when going up against those giant crazy dragon-like eels. It was like a never ending insane underwater roller coaster ride and I didn't want that section of the game to end.
The Dragon eels themselves almost looked like they were about to pop off the screen! it really makes you realise the potention of 3D technology and just how amazing it would be here. My only pet peeve with the game, and it actually has nothing to do with the game itself are the bottom and top widescreen bars which again shrink down my screen size. Part of me really wishes i had a 43" Samung Plasma at this

Graphics are beautiful, the 60fps is rockin, yet the music while nice isn't exactly memorable, plus the SFX tend to drown it out. Maybe i should bring down the SFX volume a smidge.

Anyways, I'll be finshed this one up tonight. Seems short, but very sweet!
Also part of me kind of wished i stuck it on Hard Mode, becuse white Normal Mode is challenging in spots, it's not quite as challenging as many people are making it out to be. Or maybe it's becuse I'm just too good hehe. Currently I'm at the 'dream' portion of the game, i just killed that giant skeloten boss with the sack of Maduessa ghost heads. But ya, Sin & Punishment 2 is good, i think I may actually beat it again on Hard mode when I do...What are the differences between Normal and Hard anyways?

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Professor Layton and the Curious Village...snagged it yesterday at Sears for $16! And Monster Hunter Tri.

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MERG wrote:

Professor Layton and the Curious Village...snagged it yesterday at Sears for $16! And Monster Hunter Tri.

lol. You just wait....You'll be spending countless hours staring at you DS screen trying to figure out many of those mind boggleing brain busting puzzles. I for one called it quits, I just lacked the patience you could say and the fact that standard match isn't exactly one of my specialities not to mention Math problems don't exactly spike my inerest either, but based on my experience there were a few or so other puzzles that were pretty great.

PL just has wondeful atmosphere and it's one hell of a charming game. It somewhat remindes me of Disc World.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Gotta get all 120 of those stars
Pokemon Black - Training
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Awesome fighting game
Sonic Unleashed - Trying to beat this game on PS3

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Peace Walker - Over halfway done with the campaign, pretty much my commute game.
Splatterhouse (2010) - Just started, about two chapters in. Kind of my off-on game to play when I feel like a bloody good time. Not great by any means, and lots of framerate issues on 360, but a guilty pleasure.
Tomb Raider Trilogy - Working my way through Anniversary and then will take a break before jumping in to Legend.

And soon, L.A. Noire! Possibly also resuming Twilight Princess after only sinking about 10 hours in. That one might wait depending on how Tomb Raider and Noire go.

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I'm stuck at a part of the game where you fight this giant beat who is very very cheap

But awesome game, indeed.



I was enjoying Battlefield Bad Company 2 when a GameFly envelope arrived in the mail. My brother signed up and apparently rented Thor since he recently saw the movie. I decided to thrown the game on but it kind of sucks so far. I almost don't even want to play it but might as well get some trophies from it while it's here.

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A group of us are doing a Chrono Trigger marathon so I am going to be playing a lot of CT for a bit.



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