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I JUST finished Rayman 3D a few minutes ago. Since it was my first time playing through Rayman 2 in its entirety, I must say that overall it was a wonderful experience. I logged about 6 hours into the game and got around 70% complete. While it seemed rather short, I liked that the game didn't overstay its welcome. Now I can start sinking my teeth back into Pilotwings.

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After having beaten the Arcade Mode with every fighter in Street Fighter IV 3D on Sunday on the easiest difficulty yet - mainly getting accustomed to most of the combos - yet still losing some matches sometimes i got back into Ridge Racer 3D big time.
I'm in the "expert" Grand Prix' and it seems that by now i actually need to buy cars and/or enhancements to finish all of them. But before i'm going to do that i'll try to win each race in the "beginner" and "medium" class without any new car or enhancements.

For the sweet playing time before falling asleep i'll try to complete the Free Flight mode of Pilotwings Resort now after i've finished 3-starring all of the missions yesterday.


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I got Metroid: Other M today for about $20 and I got through about an hour of it. Opinion thus far: Awesome except Samus' voice
(Wait why did I buy another game, I've still got well over 50 to finish, and about another 50 to actually play more than 3 minutes to see if the game actually works.)



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Let's see...Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, Pokemon HeartGold, Bleach: Dark Souls, and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

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Doing my now-yearly run of Twilight Princess. It's now officially on my list of games I need to play atleast once a year.

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Still playing StarTropics....Actually, i've only played it twice(3 hours a night each) during this entire week or so. Need to get on it, 2 hours shall do tonight.

EDIT: I'm now on Chapter 7 out of the 10. Man do I LOVE this game. The previous cave was INtense, I was sweating mega pixels left and right but i finally layed down the Tropics law and finished that bogus cave. I can't wait to see what StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge is like. I'll probably check out the trailer, reviews and screens after i've finished StarTropics, but I'll save Zoda's Revenge for another time.

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Currently, as always, playing multiple games. The one getting the most attention at the moment is Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, which is an awesome game (despite ... not being able to pause ... Wtf?). However I think I may be focusing more on Symphony of the Night now.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


mainly pikmin. just got the npc version and i love it. i hated the original though. we need pikmin 2 npc!!!

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phantom hourglass
have owned it since it came out but have never beat it. i dont have the patience



Spirit Tracks! I finally remembered that what I was supposed to do to beat one of the forms of the final boss!


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On the Nintendo side of things, I'm playing Spirit Tracks again to get excited for Ocarina of Time 3D. Sometimes I forget how unbelievably charming this game is. I'm also going back to an old file of Twilight Princess to try and get 100% on it. It's kind of ridiculous that I've played the game through the game six times, but I've never gotten everything. You really don't appreciate how dense and explorable that game is until you start searching for all the heart pieces.

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Randomly started a new game of Ocarina of Time on Virtual Console yesterday.



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I'm playing a few right now, but the main one is Pokemon White.



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