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Currently playing Final Fantasy III/VI on the Wii's VC

First time i've ever had a chance to play this Final Fantasy game and boy am I loving it. Just finished the Opera scene and I cant believe how Nobuo Uematsu orchastrated that scene with a 16bit sound chip in the SNES. AMAZING!! I've found the story so far to be really dark and moving and can't wait to eventually complete the game to see the ending. I thought no other Final Fantasy game could beat Final Fantasy VII, as that was the first game to introduce me to the Final Fantasy series but after playing this game and I'm only a good quater of the way through it, i'm starting to think that Final Fantasy III/VI beats final Fantasy VII. I'll let you all know my end decision once I've completed the game.



Mah French Horn!
Castlevania Portrait of ruin (Almost done )
final fantasy III (ds)
Metroid Prime 1 and 3

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I am Playing..
Everything in my sig and Pokemon Black and Pokemon Soulsilver

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AlexBelmont wrote:

How is shadow wars, ive been contemplating it.

Fun, it is a really good game very underrated, if you like strategy games or RPG's it is pretty good deal and it is a long game.

Formally Square-enixFan, Neo-GeoFan. A lover of fine games and handheld systems!!!!!!!!!!
The New 3DS XL is amazing, soon the NX will be upon us!
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AlexBelmont wrote:

Mah French Horn!
Castlevania Portrait of ruin (Almost done )
final fantasy III (ds)
Metroid Prime 1 and 3

So how does Potrait of Ruin stack up against Dawn of Sorrow and OoE?



ive got some free time coming up so im hoping to at least beat Golden Axe 3 with the real ending this time, and get a little further in Ufouria...
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the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


Unlocked everything on Midnight Pool (Wiiware) and kinda of sad about it lol.

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Finally bought MMX and played it for the first time today. WORTH IT

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Fallout 4
Star Wars: Battlefront
Pokemon Blue
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I am currently playing Resistance 2 for the first time. But I am horrible at playing FPS's with dual analog compared to Keyboard and Mouse

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I WISH I were currently playing the New Mortal Kombat.
It's getting amazing reviews across the board, aside from IGN's ridiculous 8.0 IGN is seriously losing it.



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I'm still playing PilotWings Resort and SSFIV3D, but I also started a no-kills runthrough of Metal Gear Solid 4 today, which has been incredibly fun so far

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World of Goo. It's mesmerizingly awesome. :3

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Just got the new Mortal Kombat today. The story mode is pretty ill.

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Brain Age 2
Well I was anyways, until I quit not even 30minutes afterwards.
The funny thing is, when the first brain age was released it felt so fresh, maybe because it was the first real casual title Nintendo spat out and the stylus controls on top of it all made it a pretty fun and a unique experience, of course in short bursts. I know I enjoyed it, and i still have it in my collection. As for Brain Age 2...Well, I've only played half of the mini games and I just didn't care to go on....The magic is gone, and I almost felt like i was going ADD on the game for crying out loud. Either my tastes in gaming are becoming pickier, or my illness is screwing up my concentration and the ability to focus. LOL
Nahhh who am I kidding, this just isn't my type of game.

Money well wasted, and the same goes for Mario Party DS!
Yet I just can't get myself to get rid of Proffesor Layton, It's got such a fantastic charm to it, a compelling fun story, beautiful graphics, an interesting quirky location along with the characters....But I keep asking myself, do i honestly wan't to spend this much time on one title that involves solving standard math(for the most part) questions? I've got too many games to play. ;ol

I'll probably pick it up again when I'm done most of my other games. And that's another problem right there, i ended up buying way too many Wii and DS titles at once. 7 more Wii titles left to play in my collection, along with 3 in my DS...Never will I again buy a bunch of games at once, 1 or 2 at the most because things become overwhelming and you might start to feel like you wan't to rush through the game to get to the next, But I'm not like that at all....But just knowing you have that much more games left to finish in your collection is annoying.

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Pokemon HeartGold

Now that I've procured all 8 of the Johto Badges, I've started collecting Kanto Badges. While my team is unbalanced, with my powerful Ampharous, Graveler, Crobat and Feraligatr, I was able to get the first 4 badges easily. After seriously training a Larvitar into a Pupitar, and with a little help from Crobat, I was able to get the 5th Badge without much trouble. After catching and training a Houndoom and evolving my Pupitar into a Tyranitar, I was able to beat Sabrina without a hitch. Blaine also went down easily. I need to train more before taking on Blue. In the meantime I caught Raikou, Ho-Oh, and Suicune.

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