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I'm still playing Portrait of Ruin. I just cleared The Sandy Grave, and now I'm working on Nation of Fools. I also encountered one of the main baddies, but couldn't beat here. All in all, this is a great game, but very hard compared to the other Metroidvanias I've played. I've died quite a bit, though I've yet to have to grind (however, I have had to make sure I keep my equipment up to date). Luckily, once I got the Long Spear, the game got a lot easier. Thank goodness for random drops.

I'm also switching it off with Pokemon HeartGold, which I've recently gotten back into, and I intend to get as much done before my copy of Pokemon Black gets here. So far I'm incredibly underleveled. They've upped the difficulty quite a bit in this game compared to the original Gold, which of course means a heck of a lot more grinding. I was underleveled when facing Bugsy, and it took me a few tries, but luckily type advantage and predictability eventually won the day! That U-Turn was deadly, though! If I hadn't gotten in enough Rock Throws with my Geodude before he had gotten off that attack, I would've been finished! But I won, and I got my badge.

Then after I went to the Pokemon center, I had to face my rival, which I wasn't prepared for. Managed to finish off his Bayleef with my Croconaw with 1 hp to spare, and the rest of my group was in no shape to fight either. Man that guy is a jerk.

Then I went and trained my Spinarak a few levels. After that, I went through the Helix Forest. I liked how they changed up the Farfetch'd chasing game. After training my Zubat to learn Bite (Because Zubats are useless until they learn Bite), I rushed to Goldenrod city because the rest of my pokemon weren't doing so good.

All in all, I'm impressed with this game. They really went the extra mile with this remake and improved every little area. If it weren't for the difficulty spike, I'd say they damn near made it perfect. This might even beat out FireRed and LeafGreen as my favorite remake if this keeps up.

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WaveBoy wrote:

Am I the only one here who doesn't care for the Pokemon games? *Hides under chair.

You aren't alone....

But in the future i'll be adding to my "Now Playing" list Pokemon Black/White
The first pokemon i've played since Ruby (and I barely played that)

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I had Pokemon Yellow back in the day and I've played a bit of one of the more recent DS titles before Black and White, and I couldn't for the life of me get into either of them. And I'm starting to feel the same way with Professor Layton. I feel like I'm going ADD on the game all of the sudden, the puzzles are becoming too time consuming and frusturating...To the point where i just don't feel the urge to even play it anymore. I guess it just isn't for me, although I love the art style, characters and music....It's just Math isn't my thang' you see, and this game is rocking it in spaids.

Zack & Wiki on the other hand i felt was amazing, Professor Layon is nowhere near intuitive, innovative or close to being as fun....I'm over 4 hours into it and I think it's time I called it quits, although it is somewhat compelling, but many of these puzzles are killing too much of my time.

Out of all of them so far, I'd have to say the 'wolves and the chicks' puzzle was my favorite.



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I've played it for like three hours now, and I think I'm starting to get hooked. I mean, it's the WiiWare version and I can definitely see that playing it on the DS would be better, but it's still really enjoyable. And for the price of just one of the DS games, I can get the entire trilogy on the Wii. Good thing I had some points on my account. Screw World of Goo and the VC games I was planning on getting; they'll still be there later. Of course, I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself. I should finish the first game before I do anything else.


Playing my Poogeymang Black.

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PilotWings Resort and Super Street Fighter IV 3D

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Jelous! I'll finally get my 3DS in a week or so, but the wait is killing me!

On another note, I don't know weather to quit Professor Layton or to keep on tugging along. Standard math problems(for the most part) aren't my idea of fun, especially when they become increasingly frusturating and super time consuming....But ahhh, i just love the games art style, characters, music and the setting...But damn those nasty puzzles!

If only Capcom released a Zack & Wiki sequal for the DS, now THAT's my type of puzzle game.

To quit or not to quit? sigh*

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Mickeymac wrote:

Just go play Zak & Wiki again, that's obviously the game you want.

I've already finished Zack & Wiki years ago, it's a one time experience only imo.
I think I'm just going to switch back to Dawn on Sorrow and give it a second chance.



Man I love Zack and Wiki, i need to get back into it - I got stuck on a level and couldn't for the life of me figure it out...

At the moment I'm playing pokemon black, donkey kong land 3 (on sp - love the backlight)! - Find us on facebook too!


I'm going back and finishing up Super Monkey Ball 3D.

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Super Mario 64 DS and Pokemon Black.


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I just bought Steel Diver yesterday...Not bad if you are someone like me who can replay levels multiple times.

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Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass! again!


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Great time playing through Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.

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