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Took a bit of a Smash break this week. Beat Grim Fandango, MechaNika, and am alternating play between Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, SM3DW, and Ark.


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I've been playing Tetris Effect on PS4 all week, and I started Final Fantasy IX on my PS1 yesterday.

Tonight, however, I'm playing with my young nephew, which likely means more Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee.



Been playing some more Wind Waker HD with my daughter today. It's my second playthrough (first time was my first full Zelda), and my vague familiarity, and general growing experience of Zelda games, is making it an absolute treat. I can really understand why it's some people's favourite, because save for a few moments of obscurity (more easily overcome once you've beaten it once) it is an almost perfect family-friendly adventure game.

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My main go-to game is currently Majora's Mask 3D. I'm not very far into it by some standards, but that's purely because I've spent most of my time just exploring different areas of Clock Town, talking to everyone, discovering new events, manipulating time, and exploring Termina Field and (when it's available) Milk Road/Romani Ranch. I've already collected 9 masks and have a total of 6 heart containers. I seem to be running out of things to do for now, so I think I'll finally head off to the swamp during my next session.

I also started Super Paper Mario a few days ago but haven't made it past the first 30-45 minutes yet. XD My holiday schedule has been pretty busy; the gaming time I do have has mostly been towards MM 3D for now. What little I have played has been intriguing, and I love that Count Bleck speaks in the third person (tacky as it is). The writing so far seems really clever.

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Nothing at the moment, I did beat Yakuza Kiwami few days ago on the PS4 though.



I'm playing this obscure game called Super Mario Odyssey.

In all seriousness though, while I have some minor issues with this, as someone who didn't grow up with the PS2, and hasn't bought last year's 3D platformers, I cannot overstate how much I've missed this type of game. And how much this type of game has been forgotten for so long. An honest to god 3d platformer about going across open (though so far more llnear than I thought) levels to collect a variety of items. For that matter, I don't think I've played a big 3D game with open areas that wasn't one big open world since the original Xenoblade. I love it so much.

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Diablo 3 and Smash on the Switch.
Majors Mask on the 3DS



Rocket League
Ring of Elysium

Codename STEAM although i kinda gave up on this on. i liked the demo but after that the game is not really fun anymore and too frustrating

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waiting for a pricedrop on switch


Knee Deep in Dragon Quest XI on PS4. Recently arrived at the First Forest. It's been great so far, though at this point I think I prefer VIII's cast.

Still working on "World of Light" in Smash on Switch, but I now think I may finally be nearing the end. In my most recent session I beat Darkahn in the second map, and finished up by freeing Master & Crazy Hands' in the third map.


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Been playing Puyo Puyo Tetris on Switch. It’s a pretty simple game, but damn, three-starring the story missions can get really tough. It was a couple dozen tries before I three-starred the first four levels. I think I just need to be a Tetris wizard at this point.

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Gonna be playing Valkyria Chronicles 1. I'm not very good at strategy games, but hopefully this game really draws me in since Fire Emblem managed to draw me in pretty damn well.

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Smash and CivVI

Xbox One:
Borderlands 2

I have played CivVI on pc for 200-300 hours, and I still strugle for switch controls a bit. But I must admit, that handheld civilization is pretty damn sweet.

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Miitopia 3DS.
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New Super Mario Bros. U. I was originally planning on just blitzing through it to get it out of my backlog, but I've been enjoying it so much that I think I'm going to keep playing until I collect all the star coins and find all the secret exits.

@EvilLucario It's different from what you would normally think of as a strategy game. You'll probably be fine.

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I'm playing the dating game! It's very difficult!

One month since release, and I'm still obsessively playing Smash Ultimate.

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Danganronpa 2 and Rabi-Ribi on the Vita.

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Back to octopath to get the true ending (and grind my team).

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Finished Majoras Mask and now playing Bayonetta and Diablo 3.



Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Hoping to get done with what I want to get done with before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.


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