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Playing Octopath Traveler Prologue Demo.
Its great so far, playing as H'aanit. Got a nice collection of beasts going.



Still playing a lot of Warframe. Realized that TennoCon is on July 7th, not July 22nd like I...somehow thought it was...I don't know where I got that date, actually...

Anyways, since I bought a "digital ticket" simply so I could have access to Baro Ki'Teer's entire lifetime stock for a day, I figure now's a good time to double down on this game, make sure I have enough Ducats to pay Baro with, and then take a break not long after, once I've played around with my new toys. This game's been fun, and it has a surprising variety of activities...but it demands way too much of my time, and I have a whole library of games I want to play. And I'm sure the break will be good for me. It won't be good bye, but...I tell ya, I'm ready to play literally anything else.

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Banner Saga 2!
Quite a lot more refined than the first one regarding art style and character diversity! Like it a lot! Though there are quite a couple translation errors and the game somtimes collapsed after putting the Switch in sleep mode.

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E3 really got me looking foward to Forza Horizon 4. So I’ve jumped back into FH2 and will also play some FH3. These games are so much fun if you’re into arcadey racing games


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trying to 100% Just Cause 2

finished a few races yesterday. the last one is really hard though.

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Pokemon X 3DS
Continue the Route 15 quest.


My Top 5 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (10 / 10)
2. The Sims series (9 / 10)
3. Portal Knights Switch (9 / 10)
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (I'm playing it but i'm very close to the end, so here's what I thought of it: )

The third entry on the stealth platformer series, and this one gets some criticism for having too many minigames. There's airplane piloting sections, tower defense sections, boat sections and a lot of RC Car missions. It's also been streamlined in comparison to 2, there are still large open ended levels, but you no longer need to figure out how to reach a mission marker since the levels are less vertical.
To be honest, I actually liked having to figure out how to reach the objective marker, but some would be annoyed to walk around so much just to reach the objective.

There's also more playable characters, but I'm not a huge fan of them. Overall, I feel they tried to diversify the gameplay so much, the stealth/platforming took a back seat. I also found it easier than 2. There's always that one annoying mission but you can always get past it with some tries.

Still, there are some things I actually really liked about this title.

  • There's only one of each level, unlike Sly 2 which had two of the same level (2 Prague and Canada levels, for example.)
  • You don't need to stand still and open first person mode to see markers, you can see them while walking, which is very practical and improves the game's pacing.
  • There's the pirate level with ship battles, which are really fun and addicting. Easily one of the highest points of the game.
  • The writing in this one is one of the best in the series, probably the funniest one. Not that the other games were lacking in this aspect, but 3 made me laugh a lot.

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Devil May Cry 4


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Ever Oasis - This took a bit of a backseat while I was trying to 100% Twilight Princess HD, but now I've picked it up again. I'm currently in the middle of the dungeon for the third Lumite, with my character at level 12 and my Oasis at level 14. I'm still having quite a bit of fun with this game, though I probably need to start taking it easy with some of the sidequests. XD I feel like I'm over halfway through the main story at this point.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Wii U VC) - I've only shoved in a couple of sessions so far (just started it this past weekend), but I think I'm already starting to see why this game is held in such high regard. I just got through Kero Sewers and took a nice, frantic ride down a river full of coins.

Pokemon Shuffle (mobile) - ...Yes, I'm addicted to a match-3 puzzler on my new Android phone. Sue me.

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Still playing BOTW and enjoying every minute of it
Doesn't look like I'll be finished with it any time soon



Super Mario Odyssey. I've completed the main game and I'm going through each kingdom from the beginning and collecting every moon and local currency. I had just completed the Cap and Mushroom Kingdoms and have moved on to the Cascade Kingdom. There seems to be many more hours of gameplay ahead of me yet.

I'm also still playing Miitopia which is such a goofy joy to play. I'm working on grabbing all the medals. At least it gives me an excuse to keep coming back as I would hate to start from scratch (a sequel/Switch port couldn't come soon enough).


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Wreckfest on PC

love this game. finally a successor to flatout

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I'm really trying to get Breath of Fire IV out of my backlog before my copy of Octopath Traveler gets here. BoF4 isn't a mind-blowing example of the JRPG genre or anything, but it's mostly pretty darn well-executed and it has a lot of heart. The pixel animation and art are gorgeous (I really love this era of Capcom visuals), the turn-based battle system is rock solid and easy to understand (while incorporating some really neat wrinkles, like spell combos, the ability to learn certain moves from monsters and NPC "masters" that provide your party with new moves & alter how your characters grow), the main gameplay is often mixed up by one-off mini-games, and the music and world both have a distinct, pre-industrial East Asian flair that you don't get from many other games in this genre outside of Suikoden. And even as someone who doesn't normally care for expansive fishing sub-games in video games (Animal Crossing is usually about my level of desired fishing "complexity"), it's actually been pretty fun for me here.

The main characters aren't terribly complex (aside from presumable main antagonist Fou-Lu, whose story I find increasingly fascinating, and maybe Nina), but they are quite charming and distinct, and the main plot itself isn't afraid to occasionally delve into some truly dark territory or even get somewhat philosophical while still allowing for stretches of goofiness and whimsy.

I'm also gradually working my way through Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, after sitting on my imported copy for a few years. RIP Cing.

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I'm currently working on some older titles.

I can totally see why Yoshi's Island is such a favourite from the SNES era (playing it on my SNES mini), with it's art style, sound and music, and innovation, but am beginning to wonder if it will suffer in the same way Yoshi's Woolly World did in terms of levels just getting longer and harder, at the expense of the fun most of the time. Trying to do a level a day when I can find the time.

I tried taking the same 'one level a day' approach with Kirby: Triple Deluxe, but I am beginning to think Kirby might be my favourite video game character ever, as I found myself doing quite a few levels yesterday, and then gorging even more in the evening playing Kirby's Adventure Wii. I wish every game could be as charming and creative as these - pure gold.

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I'm currently playing through 2 games right now, them being:
Splatoon 2 - While I really liked the first Splatoon game, I could never really get into it due to the awkward gyro controls of the Wii U gamepad so I didn't bother getting Splatoon 2 at launch but because of a lack of games to play, I decided to give the franchise another shot and HOO BOY am I glad I did because I've been absolutely addicted to this game and have been playing it practically non-stop for the past two weeks. I've completed both the main campaign (which was decent) and the Octo Expansion (which was excellent and a huge step-up from the main campaign). The only thing I need to do in the Octo Expansion now is beat the effing secret inner agent 3 battle which I SORELY underestimated just how difficult it would actually be. Since I've basically 100% the single-player content now, I'll spent more time doing Salmon Run and Turf Wars which are both extremely fun as well.

Hollow Knight - Can't say much since I'm only 3 hours in but from the limited amount I've played, this game is incredible and is already showing signs in being just as good as the Metroid games. It also doesn't help that the game has a wonderful art-style and atmosphere going for it. I can see why this game has such a huge fan following and I'm looking really forward to playing more of it.

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Pokemon Silver on 3DS. Once I've put probably 100-200 hours into my current playthrough I'll transfer my pokemon to the pokebank and start a new playthrough. Put 200+ hours when Silver first came out way back when in 2000, compared to 150+ hours into Red version and about 50-90 hours in Blue.

It's one of those games that I'll likely be playing for the rest of my life. To me, it's the perfect Pokemon game and one of the greatest games ever created.

I'm just hoping for SoulSilver to be re-released on the 3DS or the Switch at some point.

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I'm stiil busy with TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS which is absolutly great, I couldn't imagine to have that solid gameplay with this game, WOW really really really well done !

I gave a try to DETROIT BECOMES HUMAN and I was blown away because I'm not the target for those kind of games but MY GOODNESS... What a well made game in every way possible. Great characters building, Awesome subjects and events, fantastic visuals, gorgeous sound-design and touching way to make you feel something different than usual with videogames... BRAVO !

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Hyrule Warriors still for me, brought Mario Tennis on release day and still not played it. I’ve nearly put as many hours into HW as I have Breath of the Wild.



Finished Icey. Really liked it, highly recommended. Started thumper, I'm into fortnite a lot now and will start horizon on my ps4 soon.

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Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere on the Vita.

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