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I'm currently play the Goemon DS game I imported from Japan. The game's pretty good so far although since I don't know Japanese, I miss out on the dialogue and wordplay jokes.



Still plugging away in Pokemon Sun. I'm nearly done with the third island, I think. I just got to Route 17, and I'm ready to tackle Team Skull's "stronghold". I'm still really enjoying the game, it's almost like a breath of fresh air in some aspects. Overall I like a lot of the changes.

I also started playing through Earthbound Beginnings on the Wii U VC over the weekend. I'm not very far into it, but it's proving to be an interesting game. Many thanks in advance to the folks over at, otherwise I'd probably be wandering around aimlessly for hours.

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Just started Xenoblade Chronicles X. I've been putting off this mammoth and massively complex JRPG since I bought it at launch, but I might as well just dive into it now.

About an hour and a half in...

What I like:

  • GORGEOUS environments
  • Beginning of the game is gripping and jumps right into the action
  • I love how high my character can jump. Unrealistic? Sure. But it's fun.
  • Apparent lack of fall damage (really encourages you to not stick to the beaten path)
  • Science-fiction flair (versus XB1 and its science-fantasy aesthetic, which I wasn't a huge fan of)
  • Customizable character

What I don't like:

  • I won't mention any Xenoblade-specific complaints, because I'm going to accept those aspects of the game for what they are, but why on Earth is all the text so small? Even on my big HDTV, I have to squint and lean forward on the couch to read the text.
  • UI is WAAAAAAAAAAY too busy. It's almost intimidating.
  • No climbing system (yes, after BotW, I will complain any time I'm forced to Skyrim my way up a mountain in an open world game instead of being able to climb in some way, especially in a game that prides itself on the level of freedom it provides)

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Cooking Mama Sweet Shop 3DS just now.



Managed to get Homebrew running on my Wii U, now I can finally play Tokyo Mirage off-screen!

On the side, Luigi's Mansion (GC) and Persona 5 (nearly 200 hours, what a game).



@Ralizah Then you need to play LEGO Worlds, you can climb anywhere and go anywhere in that.

I'd been wondering how high you could go in the game, so I got in a helicopter and flew up to the clouds, landed on a cloud and started building

The negative points I've read about this game have some validity, but I think people overplay them. This is primarily a sandbox game, in the purest sense, with very little restrictions. Which is exactly what I'd expect people to expect from such a LEGO game. If you want an electronic box of LEGO, you've got it. If you want something else, then this simply isn't the game for you, but we shouldn't be penalizing the game because of that. Lots of fun.

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@gcunit The same could be said of Minecraft, yes? Anyway, I'm not asking for unlimited freedom, I just think it'd be nice to be able to grapple up a mountain instead of having to walk around it or try and find areas that protrude out far enough for me to jump on.

Then again, maybe they made it this way so that it feels even more liberating when you eventually get your giant robot and can fly anywhere.

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@Ralizah Bingo.

Gonna try League of Legends later (Hearts of the Storm is great, but too creepy for its own good. I need to wait for them to stop shilling their demonic skeleton king, and probably purchase a custom announcer, so it stops feeling like I'm doing Satan's bidding just by playing it). Hope it works out, because it looks like a fun game.

...I also hope the verbal abuse isn't as bad as I've heard. Already had to deal with a bit of that in Paragon today.

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Just played octopath travelers on the bus ride home. I'm liking it a lot.


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Been playing the DBFZ beta all yesterday and today. It was such a freaking blast too! Sad the closed beta has now ended, but can't wait to play the open beta in January.

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Overwatch (PS4) - Trying to wind down on this because I obsessed too much over loot boxes last month. So far, so good. Still having a good time with it overall, though Team Deathmatch isn't nearly as fun as capture the flag. Really hope they bring that one back. I'm also hoping to hear something about the Mercy and D.Va updates coming to PS4, but no dice so far...

Paragon (PS4) - Still going at it, and I'm starting to feel like it's my favorite out of the MOBAs I'm playing. Just something about the third-person view and having a controller makes playing as a Melee character very fun and engaging. Ranged is only hindered by the fact that bullets magically disappear after a certain distance, and this game is still sorely lacking in personality, at least compared to the rest of the games I'm playing. Currently trying to main Serath and The Countess, using custom decks that I made for each of them...and constantly tweaking them, since I haven't found one that really compliments each of their skills yet. They both go through MP like water, yet they can't take a lot of hits, either. Serath feels great if I focus more on attack, and her basic deck had her focusing on HP, since her ultimate simply strengths her normal attacks and abilities rather than causing a lot of damage at once. It's tough to find that middle ground, there, yet that's apparently central to her character, since she embidies both Heaven and Hell. I might need to look up some tios for her like I did with The Countess. She's a little easier to work with, since he's better off focusing on abilities, but I still don't like how squishy she is. I guess that's just the nature of her class, though - she's an assassin, after all, not a tank or jungler.

Paladins (PS4) - ARRRRRRRRRGHHH!!!
...I think I'm gonna take a break from this game. The last patch introduced some frustrating changes, and looking at the official forum and the next patch, it's only going to get worse. They made a bunch of characters, but then they almost immediately forgot what made these characters work, what their strengths and weaknesses are...and every new character they add brings something more frustratingly exploitable to the table than the's just a mess right now. And that's on top of the glitches, and their free-to-play model. They seriously just introduced a 4th currency with its own store and "VIP" system, just to add even more ways for them to get money...I already spent $12 just to get the characters, damnit. :/ Hopefully it'll get better in a few months, but this team has a history of flat-out ignoring their community when it comes to these issues.

Street Fighter V (PS4) - Gave in and bought the first season pass when it was on sale. Made one helluva difference. Now I have enough to get one of the two characters I still want, though I think I'll hold off until they announce who the last character for this season is, in case I want that character more. Still, having Guile, Alex, and Urien is great, and I'm enjoying them much more than I anticipated. Even Balrog seems pretty cool, though not as cool as I'd hoped...I forgot he was a charge character. That's why I never liked playing as him before...It's been so long I completely forgot.

Blazblue: Central Fiction (PS4) - Jubei is everything I dreamed of and more~ Seriously, he's so awesome! This whole game is so awesome! >w<

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator (PS4) - Finally booted this up. Only played a few rounds in Versus mode, but I had a similar reaction to Sin Kiske. Seriously, now I want to play the story modes just to find out about this guy. Now I'm really hoping they add Order Sol somewhere down the line.

Heroes of the Storm (PC) - Really starting to appreciate this one more and more, and the Coop vs. AI Mode is really helpful when it comes to learning how to play as your heroes. I also tried the Weekly Brawl, which was a trip and a half. Luckily I didn't have to win it to get a free lootbox, but it was still cool. It was pretty involved, with one team collecting and delivering cannonballs to various cannons around the map so they can shoot down a pirate ship, and the other team trying to stop them. They'd switch after the first round, so each side gets a turn being the defenders and the cannoneers.

Oh, and I tried Quick Play PvP by accident. With a character I had never used before. That went about as horribly as one could expect.

League of Legends (PC) - still on the bottem of what feels like a very steep learning curve...

Hearthstone (PC/iOS) - Officially at the point where I need to start thinking about custom decks...which probably means I'll have to take a break from iot again, because that can be really time consuming. Oh well, I've got a ton of cards to play around with when I get back.

Eliminage: Original (3DS) - A port of a remake of a remake of an old-school Wizardry clone that is way more polished than it has any right to be...except for few oddities that could've used more explaining: namely that whenever you boot up the game, you have to select your party after you load your save, even if that save only has one party. It's a bit tedious. It also took me a while to figure out how to check my party and check the map while in a dengeion, but only because I somehow when 3 hours without ever pressing the B button or Y button. ^_^; Anywaysm I made it past the intro segment, and now the game has opened up in a big way - we're talking a staggaring amount of locations to visit and quests to take on, without the usual restrictions that games like Etrian Oddessey usually put on you. Time will tell whether or not that's a good thing, but I'm more than eager to start exploring!

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Metroid Samus Returns
Splatoon 2
Monster Hunter XX
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Rayman Legends (a little)
Monster Hunter Stories

And was thinking of firing up DOOM on Xbox One (announcement got me excited) but no... I'll wait for the Switch version. Could always finish Wolfenstein The New Order. But I don't have time, I've already got six other games I'm juggling.

Pretty spot on analysis. I noticed the text was small but it didn't really bother me. And when I played it, I obviously hadn't yet played Zelda so I took no issue with the traversal. But I think it's really important that you can't just climb anything- they use the terrain to wall off areas you shouldn't be visiting yet. And I know it's open world but they do structure it somewhat. Once you get the scale that can fly you'll be able to reach those areas.

I loved Xenoblade X. I think around chapter 6 you'll get your skell, and then around chapter 9 you can fly it? Something like that, I can't really remember. But they space it perfectly so that you get to explore the whole world on foot and once you've thoroughly done so "earn" the right to pilot a skell. And once you've played a few chapters with your skell, you "earn" the right to fly. And it's really good that they did it this way because, had they allowed you to fly earlier it would have ruined the game. I remember a lot of people complaining about that when the game released- why do I have to wait so far into the game? And yada yada.

I thought the story was really good too. Great cutscenes. Chapters 5 and 8 were my favorites, and the later chapters obviously that wrap up the story.

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@JaxonH Yeah, I'm 12 hours in now and am starting to see how this game organically structures itself so that the complex open-world approach doesn't just devolve into formless chaos, from the way landscapes are designed to direct players in certain directions early on to the gradual roll-out of in-game systems and the way main story progression is tethered to open-world exploration. This game is brilliantly designed (far more so than the original XC) and I'm just going to assume that most of the design choices are deliberate and roll with them. The layers upon layers upon layers of systems are kind of intimidating and stressful, but I just tell myself that I need to give myself time to understand them and just trying to take one thing at a time. I'm also finding that, while it's easy to get lost in this game, playing it for an hour or two every day is really rewarding. Every time I go back to it, I feel like I understand some aspect of it a little more, and make a goal of trying to understand something else I'm hazy about, with the hope that one day I'll be able to understand the way the entire game gels into one cohesive experience.

The scale of the landscapes and creatures in this game are insane: I love how this JRPG goes out of its way to emphasize how the player avatar is just one small part of an enormous and living world. I just stumbled into Noctilum recently, and it's an awe-inspiring environment: it genuinely feels similar to the world James Cameron envisioned in Avatar, except I'm actually able to navigate through it in this game!

I gotta say, though: scrolling through the arts bar SUCKS. I'm so glad XC2 seems to simplify this aspect of the game and tie the activation of different arts to specific button presses.

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Overwatch finally got that update I was waiting for, with a new map and some major character changes that so far have been a great time. Mercy is actually fun to play as again, and I feel like my presence is even more important instead of just...keeping a few people alive and waiting for my ultimate to charge. :T D.Va's new missiles make it easier to take down single targets, so I'm not just a flying Reinhardt...though, Reinhardt also easier to play as now, since you have to option to look around without moving your shield position. Now Tracer no longer turns me into a Looney Toons sketch every time I play as him.

Paragon also got a big update that I didn't expect so far has addressed every single complaint I've had with it so far. I should note that I'm playing two other MOBA games in addition to Paragon, and for a while Paragon was my favorite, and this might help to cement it further. Some much-needed character adjustments, quality of tife improvements, new basic decks that actually let you specialize characters so you can get a feel for what roles each character was made for and which methods you might want to expand on using custom decks...this is starting to sound like a trading card game, but it's actually what Paragon uses in place of League of Legends' items and equipment.

Oh yeah, and most importantly: There's a new map! I was completely sick of the old one, and this new one is much more interesting to look at. They also changed up Jungling - essentially simplifying it a bit so it's easier for Junglers to still help lanes without hurting our overal cashflow...and really, gold increased across the board. Normally I'm lucky if I get any mid-tier stuff even in winning games. Now I feel like those powerful cards aren't just a waste of space! <3

I am going to have a LOT of fun with this!

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Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) - Just beat my first Metroid that can crawl (that took me a few tries...). Fun so far.

Also been playing some digital pinball on my tablet & have a few new high scores.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Paragon also got a big update that I didn't expect so far has addressed every single complaint I've had with it so far.

Okay, I might've spoke too soon. It turns out it has some issues. This might explain why people keep leaving in the middle of matches...maybe I should play some PvP, so the leavers might be on the other side for once? Or maybe just, you know, have even teams of a 5v5...

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I just beat a jump + shoot + exploration game released this year, a remake of an 8-bit game on my 3DS called Blaster Master Zero. So I decided to play something entirely different with Metroid: Samus Returns.


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Fantasy Life 3DS
Animal Crossing New Leaf



-Pokémon Tekken DX
Loved the Wii U Version, so i couldn't resist buying the DX Version on Switch. Great Game, even if you're terrible at Fighting Games like me.

-Pokémon Gold
My Favorite Pokémon Game is now on 3DS. Can't wait to explore Johto and Kanto again.

-Cave Story+
I'm currently doing a German Let's Play of this Game. Cave Story ist still great and the new Multiplayer Update makes it even better.

-Metroid: Samus Returns
I've beaten the Game 100% on normal difficulty, so now i'm trying the higher difficulties.

-Steamworld Dig 2
Absolutly loved the first Steamworld Dig on 3DS and the Sequel looks even better.

-Thimbleweed Park
I really loved Monkey Island back then, so i had to get this.

German Nintendo Fan. Please excuse my flawed english ;)


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