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Mostly Nier and Borderlands. Nier is an underrated masterpiece that everyone should at least give a try. It's only 15 bucks (new) at GameStop.

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I've been playing a lot of different games lately. A lot of Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer (about an hour on campaign), few hours of Borderlands and Donkey Kong Country Returns and Team Fortress 2 and so many other games. Still haven't played Mass Effect because I kinda spoiled the story. Went (accidentally) to a Finnish gaming site where they had a Mass Effect weekend. There they told everything about the story and I (accidentally) read it. Not all of it but just some of it. Now I hate myself.


Dead Space 2 (PS3), Little Big Planet 2, Sonic Colors (Wii), Final Fantasy 3 on DS, Call of Duty: Black Ops (360), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360), Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare (360), Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Kirby Super Star Ultra, and some StarCraft 2. Just finished Epic Mickey the other day.

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Decided to go back to play and finish Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for Game Boy Advance (but on GameCube's Game Boy Player ) before I proceed with M & L: Bowser's Inside Story. I want to finish all the games I own on Nintendo handhelds that I have yet to finish, before 3DS comes out. A way of easing the pain of waiting just a tad!

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BetelgeuseWC77 wrote:

Decided to go back to play and finish Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for Game Boy Advance (but on GameCube's Game Boy Player ) before I proceed with M & L: Bowser's Inside Story. I want to finish all the games I own on Nintendo handhelds that I have yet to finish, before 3DS comes out. A way of easing the pain of waiting just a tad!

What about Partners in time?




Super Meat Boy and Paper Mario. Just finished Starship Patrol on DSiWare too. <3

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I'm done with the retard easy tedious and incredibly annoying Cooking Mama....At first 'in short bursts' or more like the first 20 minutes it was actually fun, and i'm sure this game was pretty damn impressive and unique from a touch screen control stand point when it was released, but I just can't stand the game anymore.

Reviews have been saying you can complete the main game and unlock everything in one setting.....Ya right! MAYBE if you play every dish in the exact order, if not...Like most people, you'll be constantly going back and fourth guessing which dish has an alternitive recipe which unlocks a new dish or just completing certain dishes to unlock the next....And you'll never know until you play those dishes again. This is where the game becomes incredilby brain dead boring, frusturating and repetitive. I've unlocked 66 our of the 76 dishes, but I'm done. Why bother playing if I'm not enjoying the game? I was at first, but now it's getting to me big time! Because it's wasting my gaming time and is taking forever, when really it's not exactly supposed to in the first place apperantly.

Anyways, am I the only one here that finds Cooking Mama to be insanely annoying when trying to unlock all of the dishes in a random order? It's basically a time wasting guessing game if you don't do every single recipe in order. Part of me feels like I should complete the freakin game and get the rest of the 8 dishes, but part of me doesn't want to waste anymore time with this

At first you'll definitly have fun cooking, the stylus controls are pretty darn innovative and a joy to use, the graphical style is cute, colorful and pleasing, the music is upbeat and nice although it completely lacks in variety. And after 30 minutes or so the experience will start to hinder, and basically descends quickly into monotony. I honestly haven't been this bored by a DS title since Sonic Rush. The longer you play this game, the more you realise you're stuck in a stone cold mindless cooking trance.


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Time to give Contra ReBirth another shot this time.
As I mentioned before, i found that the unlimited continues pretty much screwed up the experience...You never got that shot at mastering the previous levels and beating the game with that major sense of reward like with the past Contra titles. I'm going in with 2 Continues only. It's how it's supposed to be played baby Muhaha.

I'll just restart the game after 2 and that's that. Based on what I remember, Stage 3's Boss was a huge pain in the if you didn't have the right weapon, and the final Boss is easily one of the most difficult Bosses in Contra History....As unepic and completely dissapointing as it

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Started playing Ghosts N Goblins (VCA version). My first VC download since Dracula X last year.



Ocarina of Time. I love it when I'm moving forward, but thank God for the internet; I really need a guide sometimes (and no, it doesn't ruin the experience. I would be so tired of this game by now if I kept insisting on figuring out every part I'm stuck on on my own).

EDIT: I've also played Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt. 1 for about an hour. Ugh, it has some serious camera and sound issues, but I think the shooter aspect of it is kind of fun. Actually laughed out loud when I listened to Potterwatch; I really need to find some more passwords

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ocarina of time also using guide during parts i'm at the fire temple as teen link and i obtained the hammer but i hate those fire bats XD

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Right now I'm playing Starcraft 2 which is sweet but I wish I had played the first one before playing this. I am also playing Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link on my NES. Its freaking hard and I spend half my time grinding, which is strange for a Zelda game.

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Currently playing Drill Dozer. Fun game, seems to have lots of potential. Once my bro gets off the TV I'll be playing more Vanquish.

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I'm currently playing Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid, and Cave Story (for the NL game club).

Dead Space is incredible; it brings me back to the first time I played through Metroid Prime, in that it has a crazy-unique-yet-incredibly-haunting atmosphere that's a blast to explore. The balance between shooting, exploration and puzzle solving is perfect, and the whole thing really feels like a Metroid-gone-horror-game. Not scary, really, but definitely creepy. I highly recommend it.

Metal Gear is an entirely different beast. I tried playing Metal Gear Solid 4 knowing nothing about the series, but I was so confused that I figured I should start with the first and then work my way back (even though I now realize that it's not actually the first game chronologically. Still, it has already cleared up a lot of my confusion). I got the original Playstation version as opposed to the Twin Snakes version, because the flashback in 4 to the first game was one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. It's aged a lot better than I expected it to. Graphically it's awful, but the voice acting is still better than most games nowadays, the stealth gameplay is a blast, and the story is pretty compelling, despite it being completely convoluted. Hideo Kojima fascinates me as a developer. More thoughts on that later.

Cave Story is one of my top 5 games of all time so rest assured I'm enjoying that one, too

EDIT: Oh yeah, and LittleBigPlanet 2! It's much better than the first, so if you're a platforming fan with a PS3, this is a must play.

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I only need to beat the last boss in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, and I'm near the beginning of Cave Story, which started for the NL Game Club.


WaveBoy wrote:

Blargh! Contra ReBirth was just as dissapointing and short as I remembered it being. And the '2 continue only thing' just wasn't working out for me, because if you lost 3 lives during the end of the stage than you'd start from the 2nd part or the mid point of the stage which makes things easier AND you're still not getting to master that previous part of the stage.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the boss battles between the 3rd and 4rth boss, fun stuff! But eh, the unlimited continues, 5 levels only and the fact that it's just too easy make it one of the weakest Contra I've ever played. It's pretty uninspired too, as if a few things were slapped together here and there. The 2nd stage was just awful for ex, including that incredibly generic half looking Robot Boss. Overall it's a slapped together over priced incredibly short unsatisfying and half rehash, and it's the weakest Conra I've ever played period.

Castlevania ReBirth is SOOO much better!


I think you're better off putting your reviews in the "Games you recently completed" thread.

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Dragon Quest IX. I think it's a bit too traditional for my tastes, though. I enjoy my RPG's having gimmicks to keep the battle system more interesting. Timed button pressing, speedy button-tapping, etc... always seems to make grinding seem like less of a chore.

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