Topic: What Game are YOU currently playing?

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I'm playing Mario Kart 7, ALBW, Star Fox 64 3d, Punch-Out!!! Wii, and A Boy and His Blob.



The game that kept my PS2 running for a very long time; Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Now I have it for PC, and so ready to play it online after so many years.



Just way too much Xenoblade. Kidding. You can NEVER have too much Xenoblade.

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Pokémon Y trying to make a good team with Pokémon I like and trying to avoid the ones that are too popular(except Gardevoir, Lucario and Blaziken I can't bring myself to avoid those. they were part of my team since their respective gens)

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I'm still playing Spelunky. I'm always playing Spelunky. I'm starting to think that Spelunky is the only game I've ever played, and that my memories of other games were just fever dreams caused by Spelunky.

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To start the weekend I'm playing Ys: The Oath in Felghana.



Playing the first Half-Life game. I remember my older cousin playing it in his PC and would let me play it afterwards... Good times.



I've been playing SteamWorld Dig and the Bravely Default Demo. Both of which are better than they have any reason to be. BD I'm mostly doing the "post-game" stuff, maxing out the town and refighting bosses to max out the classes. There's also a new boss that I can't beat just yet. All-in-all, Bravely Default just might live up to the hype.

SteamWorld Dig I think I'm halfway through already. I've been taking my time, though, and lately I've been too distracted by Bravely Default to really play it.

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I am currently playing Pokemon White 2 and I just completed the main part of the game going to explore a bit more of the game and then move onto playing a new game.



  • Red Dead Redemption (360) - I haven't quite had the time I'd like to, to play it, recently, but when I do get the time, it's been great. There's a great amount of variety in the missions, so you never know what's coming next, whether it be a shootout with a gang, a cattle drive, taming wild horses, putting on a sharpshooting show, or even some "realistic" platforming (needing to find a way into & out of a burning barn).
  • Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (3DS Amb) - Haven't played it before, and it's giving me something to do on my 3DS. The "Metroidvania" style is an odd fit for a Kirby platformer, but I'm liking it, and it's actually a bit stiffer on the challenge than Kirby usually is, which is nice (oh, and there's a "Smash" copy ability, that gives you Kirby's Smash Bros. moveset, lol).

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Need for Speed: Rivals on the PS4

@Shadowfox254 ,I think the original Half-life sounds pretty excellent right now, kudos on revisiting the title.



Mario Tennis for GBC I had heard good things about it a long time ago and after years of waiting I finally managed to play it and I can see why people really wanted an RPG mode on the 3DS version. It's a really interesting game can't stop playing. I'm still trying to figure out how stats work I upgrade on stat and it lowers the rest and IDK but my stats aren't going up by much hopefully I figure it out soon.

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Pokémon Y... and once I complete my team and battle online a little(might take a few days) I'll go back to MH3U(gotta finish the village quests one way or another)

goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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Black Flag and Ghosts

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Pokemon Y. 7th gym still havent touched or been to online in a while, I wonder what's all the fuss about for it?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.
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Just finished 358/2 Days.
Still waiting for Majora's Mask 3D.

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Persona 4 Golden and Okami HD. Might play Spec Ops The Line this week which I got in the January PSN sale.

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System Shock 2. First time playing it and loving it so far, the controls took me awhile to get it used to it, but plays fantastic. My first route is the Marines.



Donkey kong country returns 3D, just got to world 7

Phoenix wright AA Dual Destinies, in case 4

Pokemon X road to seventh medal

Lego City Undercover the chase begins, in apollo island


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