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Just started American McGee's Alice. And doing some quick pick up and play sessions with Zanac X Zanac, Myst and GTAIII.



oo infinity
In all seriousness, I have TONS of VC, 3DS VC, LOTS of Wii games. Crap I'm freakin behind. On my behalf, my bro has deleted my save file on almost all of the ones I haven't finished. He deleted my Twilght Princess Data 6 times so he could play on 2 save files, always after the desert collusess

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almost done with shadow the hedgehog after this ima move on to shining soul



Tokyo Crash Mobs! Its fun, but difficult to get a sliver or gold medal. I got a gold on the first level, and it was the first time I played it. Tried again muiltiple times and can't get another one. (???)

Still working on Mole Mania (fantastic overlooked GB title), and the last level of Mighty Switch Force (arrgh so many blocks!11!)



Ys Origin - I'm almost to the top. If Jim Cummings doesn't reprise his role as Dalles, I'll be mad.
Mario Kart 64 - Only a few more cups and I'll unlock the coveted alternate title screen.
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Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic The Hedgehog 8-bit.

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Currently murdering my fellow Britain's in Assassin's Creed 3.

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Wario Land 2 on my 3DS and Need for Speed Most Wanted on my Vita.

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Unchained Blades

Yo sobrevivi al apocalipsis Maya!
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Gunman Clive & Crimson Shroud


Currently Playing: Hitman GO

Recently Beat: Castle of Illussion: Starring Mickey Mouse, Lara Croft GO, Front Mission Evolved


the last game I played was Paper Mario Sticker Star

"I almost feel sorry for you knowing you can't enjoy Call of Duty, and that your taste in video games is so ****. But the fact that you don't like call of duty makes me fell zero simpathy for u." - MonkeyGameGuides, also known as Monk Monk

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Ni no Kuni

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LBP Karting and Darksiders.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's the only thing I've been playing consistently since Thanksgiving (when I got Super Mario Galaxy and beat it within a week). But Fire Emblem: Awakening will provide a welcome break from my gaming slump. (Honestly I would have bought more games over the past months, but until I can find a freaking job I have to remain really conservative, with FE being the only exception because I NEED something new to play!)

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undead_terror wrote:

Playing gta chinatown wars ds, selling lotsa drugs and killing lotsa people!

Having illegal fun,the legal way is so much fun I see.

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In 3000 years time,people will remember the name,Da-Banker,for being such a [Censored]

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Sacred Stones in preparation.

Lots of censorship here...
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