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I recently beat Red Dead Redemption and Infamous and now I'm in the middle of Uncharted. All three have been great.

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Just played through the Wii remake of Pikmin with all 30 parts. Been playing some of the Wii remake of Mario Power Tennis too. Just been playing some older ones it seems like.
Brawl is always in the mix somewhere. Beat Batman Arkham Asylum a week or two ago on the 360 too...a lot of free time into games..

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Still Playing Mass Effect 2 But just got the game in my Avatar.



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I'm switching between the freeware translated version of La Mulana and my recently bought copy of Super Meat Boy. I'm getting destroyed by both of them. D:

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Bought Dillon's Rolling Western last night so will probably be playing through more of that today and maybe tomorrow.
Then I should have The Last Story to occupy for the weekend until Uni starts.


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im currently playing skies of arcadia on dreamcast and dillons rolling western and also ashuras wrath for ps3 its like god of war in a way



Beat Uncharted now on to Uncharted 2 soonish.

"What do you reckon, we're gonna have to climb that thing?" ~ Chloe Frazer

"I reckon I'M gonna have to climb that thing." ~ Nathan Drake


Right now, I'm playing Dillon's Western, Skylanders(mainly on 3DS) and Pullblox mostly... And it doesn't really count, but Spyro's Universe, whenever my Internet is working well enough. I'm Sage Granddragon if you want to add me, my Skyland is currently at max upgrades. My Luminaries are Level 15

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I'm playing Wipeout 2048 on the Vita right now. It's such an amazing game!



I just started playing Animal Crossing Wild World again to get me ready for the 3DS game. It's been great fun restoring the town after 12 months of neglect.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I am currently playing Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater on the 3DS, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on the PS3 and I just started Mass Effect 1 on the Xbox 360.



Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) & StarCraft 2 (PC). I'll be downloading Dillon's Rolling Western today though.

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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Skyward Sword, DKC 2, Chrono Trigger, Crash Bandicoot and FFVI. And I just beat FFXIII a couple of days ago.


Snake Eater 3D, Killing Floor, Counter Strike:Source, Mario Kart 7.

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I've been playing Mutant Mudds. I'm 300 diamonds and 3 water sprites away from getting 100% in the game yet again. It's a gift from the gaming gods amazing, and after I complete it again I'll be starting a new file again. I will be playing Dillon's Rolling Western and Sonic Colors DS later on as well...and maybe Metroid Prime 3.

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Mario golf: Toadstool tour - I am enjoying it but I'm not that good at it, getting better though.
Castle of magic (DSiware) - I've played far better platformers and there are better games on the service but its still a fun game. The photo booths are annoying though. To use this you have to find something of a certain colour and take a picture of it to get an item and there are some parts of the game where you need a certain item to progress and sometimes there will be a photo booth near but not the items themselves which is annoying as I like to play on handhelds in bed just before going to sleep but I can't do this when playing this game as it would be too dark to use the photo booths.


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