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im play ing mario all stars(wii) mario 3D land mario land 2 zelda 4 swords anniversery edition game and watch collection
pokemon white super smash bros brawl game and watch gallery zelda DX and some other games

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Mostly just Skyward Sword and Modern Warfare 3, with a little Team Fortress 2 every now and then.

That is all.

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Viewtiful_Joe wrote:

Currently I'm playing Zelda 2 and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Sooner or later I'm going to have the reviews up for these games. xD

Did you play any of Return to Dreamland, yet? I need some hype for when I get it for X-mas.

Not yet!
I'm trying to get my place all decorated and Christmasy at the momento. Tis' the season to be a Jolly Wavester, what can I say. And I want this Kirby experience to be juuust righhht.

And why do i get the biggest feeling that I'm going to enjoy this more than Epic Yarn? I'll say it again, Epic Yarn was a gorgeous innovative and whimsical sugar coated feastOrama for the eyes, the light hearted fluffy tunes were also a great match and the controls(Kirby's 'Fire Truck' power up's tilt controls were just awesome...It's innovation like that, that truly gets me excited about the Wii and why it's one of my favoite Nintendo consoles)

But....That lack of challenge threw me off in spots, but so did those Tenant mini stages. i really should of ignored those all together and just went straight through the main game. Still, the easy breezie child-like challenge and the fact that you couldnt' die which was the main thing 'behind' the lack of challenge kind of semi-broke what could of been a much better game.
Epic Yarn is still epic in it's own way, but the retro-gamer in me craves a massive challenge or a decent challenge at least. and Epic yarn just didn't deliver whatsoever. But it's a great relaxing Platformer....It's a treat to play, especially after going through hard as nail titles like Mega Man Zero or Castlevania III. It's a game where you can just lay back and soak up the visuals

Return to Dreamland however i feel will hit the right spot.....I mean, the difficuly has to be tougher than Epic Yarn. Super Star Ultra stumped me quite a few times especially during the later modes!

Anyways, this will be the first new Wii game that i'll be playing on my new 42" 1080p HDTV( I loves me that super clear and crisp Progressive Scan, the vivid poppish colors and extremely surreal bright image), and while my new killer home theatre Sennheiser HD595 headphones. WoAaAaAaAaAaAaA!!!!! Totaly AwEsOmE!

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I'm finishing up Skyward Sword, but then after I'm done with that I have quite the back logue of games to play. I have LoZ: Spirit Tracks, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, then Silent Hill: 0rigins up next before Christmas

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Pretty much games on my DS, particularly Dragon Quest IX. I'll also finish up Spirit Tracks (or restart it if my nephew did something with my save file when I lent it to him) when I have the time. Also, I'm toying around with InchWorm a lot, for me thinks animatin's fun. However, I'll probably stop using it whenever I get a Wacom tablet and a cheap animation software for my computer.

On the Wii side...oh wait, there's no Wii side. I don't have a TV in my college dorm room. That'll change when I go home this winter season

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Started playing Donkey Kong Country Returns again for some reason, lol. Just completed-ish the Caves...if my computer could record my gameplay correctly, I feel like I should have made some blooper-reel video of me failing or making stupid deaths in these levels. I think I STILL waste about 20 lives dealing with that Crowded Caverns. (and yes, one of the deaths involved me missing a jump to the rocket barrel. xD)

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Eureka wrote:

Started playing Donkey Kong Country Returns again for some reason, lol.

So did I actually. Going back and doing Mirror Mode made me realize how amazing this game really is. It's just so perfect. < 3 I would gush but now is not the time

And don't feel back Eureka... I have done the same thing.

Just for you.
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Lately I've been playing Goldeneye on my wii. Hopefully I get the zelda 3ds that I've been asking for. Then I'll be playing some good ol' oot.

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As a Zelda nut that's recently replayed and finished Zeldas A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and The Minish Cap for the first time(s) in years in anticipation for Skyward Sword, my estimations of them have changed a little: I like ALttP and TP more than I remembered liking them before (and I already held them both in high regard), I enjoyed TWW a little less than I thought I would (although I'm still very fond of many aspects of it) and I still think TMC is just an "okay" Zelda game that's better than the DS games, but doesn't reach anywhere near the heights of the GB/C editions.

For now though, I'm trying to decide whether I want to squeeze in a replay of the Oracle series or a second playthrough of Radiant Historia before Christmas.

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Little King's story - YES! It finally came back from repairs after months of waiting. Its not long 'till the end of the game now.
Mario kart 7 - An awesome game but MKW is still my favoruite game in the series.
Super Mario 3D land - Currently on the later special worlds where the difficulty has certainly picked up.


Fallout: New Vegas. Playing through on Hardcore. Was originally also playing it on Very Hard, but switched to Normal after realizing I might become insane with rage.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


Still chuggin' along on 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

I'll occasionally be playing some Half Life 2 too...

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I just got Ghost Trick after wanting it for over a year, and 3 hours in it is easily one of my favorite games ever played. I really hope they make a sequel for 3DS..

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Pushmo right now.


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Radixxs wrote:

I just got Ghost Trick after wanting it for over a year, and 3 hours in it is easily one of my favorite games ever played. I really hope they make a sequel for 3DS..

I can't wait to play that game in two years when I finally plow through my DS collection.

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atm moment I've been on a pushmo kick. Just got a tablet so My 3DS will be waiting until next year to really get use. (with the exect of pushmo)

Tonight I'm going to continue playing Alan Wake (been on a psychological thriller kick between this, Twin peaks, the xfiles, and the twilight zone.)

After that i' going to resume Arkham Asylum.


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The Book of Unwritten Tales on my PC.
Spirit Tracks on DS.

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