Topic: What Do You Want To See at This Year's E3?

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Here's what I want to see:


  • More VC and WiiWare games. (Epically more Arcade games)
  • A new Mario and/or Zelda game.
  • New console additions for the VC (Maybe we could get ZX Spectrum and ColecoVision games)


  • GB and GBA downloads (A must for Nintendo)
  • More information on Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver as well as Release dates.
  • The launch of DSi apps (I'd like to see a Skype or Twitter app)

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I want to see ten more threads asking the same question.

I hope all of that list comes true except new consoles added to the VC. There are enough VC consoles neglected already. Let's get the games from those released first.

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What I really want is for them to launch the DSi VC on Monday. The sooner the better. I want to give Nintendo more of my money for the DSi, but I really have no reason to yet



Jerichoholic+Josh wrote:

What I really want is for them to launch the DSi VC on Monday. The sooner the better. I want to give Nintendo more of my money for the DSi, but I really have no reason to yet

That would be a nice distraction from the Microsoft presentation, which is usually uninteresting. I think they'd launch it with their presentation on Tuesday if they did this, though, like when they saved VC Arcade for launch on a Tuesday with their GDC (I think) presentation.

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Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


hmmm I'd like to see more features for the 3DS this time round
and more games for the Wii would be nice.



Actual games for the wii. Better? WiiHDultraSuperEmpoweredNextgenThing. Or whatever.

Probably not gonna happen this year of course, but if it does, I'd be very happy. I think I would be most happy if my nintendo consoles would be a solid online experience, with more players on it because of its constant connectedness. Any launch, announcement, introduction around that would make me rest comfortably knowing there'll be more monster hunters in the future

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Reggie and Miyamoto in speedo's having a water fight and more Skyward Sword footage.



Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. I don't care about anything else except for whatever surprises may pop up. Well, that and Super Mario 3D.

What a minute, wtf? This thread is old.

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I want Wii 2. I don't care if it's too soon. I want it.

Also, I want masses of babes and cosplay. Yay.

edit: whoa wtf, I was duped by an old thread. STOP REVIVING OLD THREADS YOU EFFING NOOBS D:<

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Mickeymac wrote:

I want a Wii Pricedrop and some games for it


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You seem to be reviving a lot of very old threads, JafriYakin. (Then again, that's better then making new ones.)
Well, since this is up, I want to see a new Fire Emblem game; preferably for the Wii.

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I'd like to see a lot of info on various things having to do with the eShop. Also, I better see some info on a US release for Rhythm Heaven Wii and that new Kirby game as well as some other big hitters to keep the Wii going. Oh, and that new Mario 3DS game we were promised more info on at this year's e3. Also, since it likely won't be out by e3, I better see some release info for Paper Mario 3DS. Above all else though, if I don't see anything at all regarding Pikmin 3 for yet another year's e3, the nearest person to me at the time is getting killed >:3 I BETTER get my Pikmin!!!

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More information on Super Mario 3DS, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Kirby Wii. Release dates for the other 3DS games like Mario Kart 3DS would be nice and I think this will be the year Pikmin 3 will be announced. Also, for speculation's sake, an F-Zero for Wii or 3DS and a flood of new 3DS games would be cool.

@JafariYakin: You could've created a topic called, "What Do You Want to See at E3 2011?"



Release date, price, and more vids/info on the NGP/PSP2



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