Topic: What do you want for christmas?

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For my main gift I asked for a SEGA Saturn. It really is a gem of a console that I missed out on. I'm buying the games myself since they're kind of pricey. I bought NiGHTS into Dreams..., as well as Christmas NiGHTS (how fitting) and Panzer Dragoon. Happy holidays everyone!



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Banker-Style wrote:

A girlfriend

Exactly, if it's possible a pretty girlfriend who loves Nintendo games (and me)

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I was going to say I'm too old to "want" anything for Christmas, but after seeing those pictures of Terry's Chocolate Oranges, I'd like one of them.

Aw, heck! TWO Chocolate oranges. An orange one and a mint one, why not?

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I want black friday to go away permanently

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I want black friday to go away permanently

It at least should be moved to a different date. Who thought of having a holiday about buying as much as you can right after a holiday about being thankful for hat you have?

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Wii U deluxe, eshop card, and the adventure time game. And maybe a new SD card so I can download Animal Crossing when it comes out.

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All I need is my girlfriend

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