Topic: What do you think of Michael bay's Transformer movies?

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I was a fan of the original 80's toys and cartoon so I guess already I was kinda into that sorta thing. Anyway when the new 2007 Transformers movie came out I suddenly reverted back to my childhood. It was neat seeing the whole thing start over again after all those years. Kids were getting all excited about them the way I used to. I think these new movies aren't bad but they are kinda loud and overwhelming at times. Some of the new designs still make me sick. Overall though I think Bay did allright. It could have turned out alot worse. I like them.

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I thought they were very decent, to be quite honest.

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i wasn't a fan of the first movie... the Transformer redesigns/reimagining were top-notch, as were the battle scenes, but the human acting was pretty lame IMO. I laughed my tail end off when that Shia LeBoeuf dude announced 'that's Megatron, he's the leader of the decepticons' because it was so freaking stupid, and i was definitely weirded out at the end with him and the chick making out on Bumblebee's hood with the other Transformers watching. Eww.

I didn't bother with the second because i figured it'd be more of the same, to be honest. I'll catch it when it shows up on TV someday, if there's nothing better on to watch. :3

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I LOVE the first one, but the 2nd sucked balls.

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I think that they are bot huge pieces of censored and is quite an insult to the audience and the "blockbuster" concept. And no, the "is a movie about fighting robots" excuse is not valid because that's never an excuse to make a stupidly written, bad acted, terrible edited, higly manipulative movie. Jurassic Park is a movie about "dinosaurs eating humans" and is 200% better than Transformers 1 and 2 together multiplied by 1000 with better actors, script, edition, pacing, lines and don't treat audiences like milking cows.

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