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So make a list of what you think of each genre.

FPS: it's a pretty good genre, haven't played that much in it because it's almost all rated M.
TPS: This is a fantastic genre, has a lot of great games including Uncharted.
Puzzle: I don't like this one as much, but I do like the occasional game like Portal 2.
Racing: don't play that much of this either, but I do like my F-Zero and some other good ones.
RPG: I don't play many JRPGs, but there are some great ones, I love WRPGs with moral choices and I love open world games where you find your own path.
Action: I do like a good action game.
Platformer: I like this genre that much, but I like some good ones including the fantastic Sly Cooper series.
Sports: I don't like sports games and never have.
Strategy: I don't play that RTSs, but there are a few I like. I enjoy a good number of TBSs though.
Fighting: I like fighting games, there are some pretty good ones.

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FPS: I've seen good ones like Goldeneye, and Bioshock. But I've also seen some bland titles as well.
TPS: First person is overrated, third person is much more convenient
Puzzle: I've never been disapointed by one, unless it was a ripoff, or too complicated to have fun in
Racing: They're always fun
RPG: I don't like most of them
Action is too broad to give an opinion
Platformer: My favorite genre. Nothing is better than a platformer in my opinion
Sports: I like Madden, but other than that, I keep it to Mario sports.
RTS: I only like Pikmin
MOBA: I've played it, and I understand the praise, but I just don't enjoy it
Party: Its a blast only if you have friends over, but otherwise, its completely boring
Fighting: I love fighting games, I always want a fighting game, but I've been tricked before. But games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Smash Bros, they're all fun. I'm also really enjoying Injustice.

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RPG: Godsend
Action-Adventure: Like RPGs but not as good.
Fighting Games: The Perfect antithesis to RPGs
Everything else: Unworthy.

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In order. Favorite to least favorite.

Action - It's a broad field, so it has to be #1

RPG - Legend of Dragoon. Chrono Trigger are top JRPGs. I think this genre needs a new term. It's kind of a sham. Madden football has more 'role playing' than most so called jRPGs do. Skyrim, Mass Effect/Dragon Age Origins, KOTOR are tops for western RPGs. Mass and Dragon in particular, best character depth you'll find in the genre. I like the long term play.

TPS - I like to see the character for some reason. 1st person lost it's charm in the 90's.

Platformer - Ratchet, Sly, Infamous, Castlevania,... 'nuff said

FPS - i like the original Call of Duty, and other oldies.

Sports - I play NFL2K5 to this day, and dabble with baseball still. Then there's Punch Out if that counts, so it deserves this spot.

Puzzle - I generally see them as time fillers like crossward puzzles. There are some good ones.

Racing - Nah, I liked Crash Team racing quite a bit, and Mario Kart is fine. Beyond that, not really interested.

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Video-Games: Enjoyable for differing reasons, unless they're truly broken and awful

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Traditional Adventure/Visual Novels: special place for me as I grew with King Quest and the Like, sad the genre has fallen out of favour but enjoy the new japnesse spin on it found on games like Phoenix Wright and 999

JRPG: Love them!

Western RPGS: can't really seem to get into them for some reason

Strategy RPG: Tried for the first time with Fire Emblem Awakening an liked it

Platformers: Like 2D ones not so much 3D ones except super mario 3d land because it has a classic 3d feel

Sports: can play for fun but not a huge fan, like football manager thought but management simulation is a different genre altoguether

Fight: LIke with plattformers like 2D like the Capcom vs. Whatever line but can't get into 3D Ones

Survival Horror: Like them if well done

Third Person shooters: like some like the original American Mcgees alice but not really my cup of tea

First Person Shooter: Absolutely hate them, worst genre in my opinion

Dungeon Crawlers: my second least favorite genre

Puzzles: Like them but only buy them for cheap, for some reason I've never felt any puzzle game can be worth full retail

Beat'em Up: Sad we don't see many of those anymore, a revival of double dragon or streets of rage would be awesome

Shoot'em Up: Never really got into this type of game

Stealth: can't get into them primarily because I suck at them, only like the Batman Arkham series because everything else about those games is so awesome....

That's all the genres I can think of at the moment but sure there are many more

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I enjoy all genres except beat 'em ups. I've grown to dislike the repetitive nature of it all.

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RPG: There's nothing like the engaging stories weaved in a good JRPG (Final Fantasy X, Tales of the Abyss, Paper Mario, and Kingdom Hearts are some personal favorites). Never got into WRPGs.

Fighting: I love me a good fighter (Dead or Alive, SoulCalibur, and Street Fighter are my fav franchises). Smash Bros is a great party fighter.

Platformers: "Metroidvania" titles produce this genre's best experiences (Cave Story, Metroid Fusion, & Super Metroid being my favorites), but there are a few standout titles that aren't "Metroidvania" (Super Mario World, for instance).

Action-Adventure: Zelda & Okami, 'nuff said.

Puzzle: not a big fan, unless you want to throw Portal here, since it's awesome.

Racing: Arcade style racers (like Mario Kart) are fun, but that's about it.

Sports: again, arcade style experiences are where it's at.

FPS: I don't love it, but I don't hate it either (a few rounds of Call of Duty, Battlefield 1943, or Goldeneye 007 are fun in the right conditions).

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FPS: Doom, Goldeneye, and the early Call of Dutys are good and everything else is pretty unoriginal and boring.
Racing: Great for multiplayer and the NFS series is soo awesome!
Platformers: In my opinion the genre that takes the most skill and hand eye cordination.
Fighters: Gets old fast, but while you are in the mood it is really fun!
Puzzle: Tetris... nuff said

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This will take a while. Ranked in order.

JRPG: Perhaps my absolute favourite genre, but I'm constantly searching for the perfect game. I often find myself losing interest in the midsection of some JRPG's, usually in the MacGuffin search, but I'll keep going if the story and characters are excellent.
Rhythm: I come from a semi-musical background, so doing well at rhythm games always makes me feel cool.
Simulation: These games are addictive and I tend to enjoy them a lot. I dunno why, but earning in-game money makes me satisfied with myself.
Bullet Hell: I appreciate the amount of skill these games require. Also, the bullet patterns are always mesmerising.
Racing: I tend to enjoy racing games more if the graphics are better looking. I'm more a fan of realistic racers than kart racers, although I find both fun.
Fighting: I've never gotten deep enough into the metagame of a fighting game, but I still enjoy playing them.
Rail Shooter: I'm not too good at these games, but I play them every now and again.
Horror: I like atmospheric horror games. I dislike jump-scare horror games.
Real Time Strategy: I'm more interested in making build orders and strategies rather than actually playing. My APM is consistently terrible. I appreciate the effort taken by developers to foster creative and balanced gameplay.
First Person Shooter: They're fun to play with friends, I guess. There are a lot of great First Person Shooter games for the single player as well. I won't call this genre over-saturated or repetitive, because it is neither of those things, but it doesn't really get my blood racing as much as it does for some other people.
Platformer: It takes a special kind of platformer to get me interested, unfortunately.
WRPG: For some reason I feel that WRPG's don't quite engage me as much. If someone gives me a blank sheet of paper and tells me to draw, I won't be able to start for a while. Similarly, if someone drops me into a big world and tells me to do anything I want, I won't really know what I want to do for a while.
Adventure: For some reason, my logic doesn't really correspond with the logic of game devs. I'll spend way too much time trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go, while most other people will look at me weirdly and say "isn't it obvious?" I only enjoy adventure games with a walkthrough, or at least a map.
Turn Based Strategy: Just doesn't engage with me at all. I only play these if they have a huge amount of RPG elements and I can just grind/shop my way to victory.

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FPS: I like some First Person Shooters a lot. I really like Goldeneye 007 and (especially) the Metroid Prime games, and perhaps a few others. I dislike the repetitive ones that are predominantly made for online, however.
TPS: I actually haven't really played many Third Person Shooters... Unless Starfox counts. If it does, then this is a fantastic genre to me. If not... no comment.
Puzzle: I really like puzzle games as well. Notable favorites are Tetris (in one of the modes on Tetris Axis I was at like 40th place for a while) and Puzzle League (specifically Pokemon Puzzle League).
Racing: I only play a few racing games, mostly Mario Kart. I can't stand realistic racing games, but I thoroughly enjoy Kart racing games.
RPG: One of my favourite genres. I love RPGs of all kind, including JRPGs. Dragon Quest remains my favourite RPG series ever (and in my top game series for any genre).
Action - Adventure: Mostly Zelda for me, but I'll play pretty much anything good in this genre.
Platformer: Perhaps my favourite genre... ever. I just eat up platformers like they're cake. People criticize Nintendo for spamming Mario titles, but for me, the faster they are released, the better. I enjoy both 2D and 3D platformers.
Sports: Only generally unrealistic sports games and Wii Sports (although I suppose that Wii Sports counts under unrealistic as well). My favourite sport games are likely the Mario Golf games, since I love golf so much. I also like Mario Tennis.
Strategy: Only a few, but It's a neat genre. I used to play League of Legends a bit, really enjoyed it.
Fighting: A fantastic genre. Only have a couple fighting games (Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Injustice) but I enjoy playing them both at home and whenever I get an opportunity at a friend's house. However, I find that it is often too difficult to "get good" at them - I'm pretty mediocre most of the time.



@Magikarp On the adventure genre. I know right, I've had that trouble way more than I would like to admit. Sometimes I just have to spend awhile with no idea where to go trying to find that place.

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FPS: I don't play that genre much but I do like it mostly for Metroid prime, goldeneye ...
TPS: I don't like it that much I prefer The First person shooter except maybe for resident evil 4
Puzzle: a sweet genre as long as it is not repetitive
Racing: love it espacialy trick racing including mario kart
RPG: my personal favorite, I love the storyline, open world and turn based battles of JRPGs, I have never tried a WRPG, any recomendations ?
Action: a nice genre but better if you include Adventure.
Platformer: very addicting, it is the genre that I spend more time on .
Sports: I don't play sports unless they include A wii remote .
Strategy: I don't know much about this genre to make my judgement... I'll consider trying the fire emblem serie.
Fighting : I love it mostely for the charcter roosters
Rhythm : one of my favorites .

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Not in any order:

FPS: I generally dislike traditional shooters like CoD, but I really like some that mix up the formula like Borderlands.
TPS: Haven't played that much, but I think I do enjoy it overall over FPS. Uncharted and Resident Evil 4 are great.
Puzzle: Really depends on the game. If it gets too repetitive, I won't enjoy it. There are some I like, but I need more action in my games generally.
Racing: I really enjoy non-traditional racing games like Burnout, Motorstorm, and kart racers. Does that mean I'm good that them? Of course not!
Fighting: This is a genre that I really appreciate, and I love watching UMvC3 stuff on YouTube. If only I could pull off a simple special move... Smash Bros is fantastic.
Sports: Dead boring unless they mix up the formula. Looking at you EA Sports... -_-
RPG: I really like, and I pretty much enjoy all of the ones I play. The only problem is they're so long there's only a handful that I've actually completed.
Strategy: I really enjoy, especially Fire Emblem.
Action/adventure: Decided to include these two together because the line between them is so vague. I enjoy them, but there's easily the same amount I like to the ones I dislike.
Platformer One of my favourites. You can't really beat a good old fashioned 2D platformer in terms of fun at the end of the day. 3D is also great.

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I like some, hate many. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro 2033 always stand out to me due to their setting.
Recently, Metroid Prime is topping my favourite FPS list, although there's much more to it than just shooting in a first person perspective.

Used to be my favourite genre but it really went to poopies since 2006.
Vanquish and Binary Domain have been the only highlights for me lately.

Oblivion was my gateway "drug" into the genre. Fallout NV is my favourite but Deus Ex HR is a close second. I also enjoyed Mass Effect 1/2.
Notable mention goes to Fallout 1 too (more of a CRPG but whatever).

My opinion on JRPGs has changed massively over the last year.
Starting with Demon Souls and Dark Souls last year and onto Nino Kuni and Fire Emblem Awakening this year, it has quickly become my favourite genre.

I prefer puzzle/platform games like Braid over regular platformers like DKCR.
Prefer 2D over 3D but Mario Galaxy was amazing.
Yoshi's Island is my all time favourite. Loved it on the GBA as a kid.

Very broad genre, I usually enjoy the ones that I play. Metal Gear Rising, Bayonetta and Okami spring to mind.

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