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yo ogo79 bro you wild man LMAO...

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I live of the state.

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Mk_II wrote:

i'm a computer programmer

Started to do programming this year and website development.

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I work as a Porter at Stop & Shop, I mostly bring shopping carts back to where they belong, but I also change the plastic/can/glass machines, because they get full pretty quick, especially if it's a busy day with many people. I also sometimes clean up messes and bring items to there locations etc.

But maybe one day, i'll do something swell, people say that I must become famous because they liked my acting skills in drama, maybe I could be a (voice) actor or design a video game, who knows what will happen in a couple of years.

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bezerker99 wrote:

WesCash wrote:

bezerker99 wrote:

No, I meant my profile....oops. lol

I'm disappointed you aren't Ric Flair.
Are you a radio personality or do you work behind the scenes?

I've been working behind the scenes for almost 12 years now. But I've been on the air plenty of times, but NO, i'm not a DJ or anything. Don't really want to be. They have crappy pay and have to work weekends a lot!!! D:

Aha fair enough, thanks for the response.
I've always been an avid radio listener. Not a day goes by where I don't tune in to my favourite stations!


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I'm an artist/illustrator. A lot of my work has been for skateboard companies apparel companies

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mudjo wrote:

Marakuto wrote:

Mk_II wrote:

i'm a computer programmer

Started to do programming this year and website development.

Yeah, that's what I hope to do. Good thing I've started Uni early! (3 years, to be precise)

good career choice. ive been programming for more than 30 years and still love it to bits (pun intended).

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retail, not really a living though.

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