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Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, and Bill Rogers (VA for Brock).

My dad has met Charles Martinet.


Aiko wrote:

Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox

I absolutely envy you.

Chris Jericho (if you consider me being 2 feet from him with him looking at me and me yelling that he's my hero meeting him). Terri Clark the country singer. Also, Collin Raye another country singer. Dollywood had concerts you could pay to see and afterwards everyone could get autographs.

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Lou Macari - The one time I ever saw united in a executive box. United fans should know him hes a United legend



today the former nfl miami dolphins player Jeff Cross came to my school for a career day.i also got an autograph from him.



i met Madonna at a concert (her own)
Dame Judi Dench (at a hotel i used to work at)
Angelina Jolie (she touched my shoulder)
Dean Cain
Liam Neeson (sp?)
Mariah Cary (hate her)
Harrison ford (at petes frootique)
Sarah Brightman
a few others i cant think of at the moment

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I shook hands with John Glenn on the 30th anniversary of the first US manned spaceflight. I was at Space Camp, and a whole bunch of news cameras suddenly showed up to film us. I almost passed out with excitement and with all the bright lights shining on us and everything.

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I shook hands with Shigeru Miyamoto on a promo visit to London and got him to sign my copy of GBA Zelda. I was worried he would spot that it was imported and not sign it, since he was actually promoting the Euro release of that game and Wind Waker.

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Robert Craft, owner of the Patriots, behind the scenes of Sirius NFL radio. I came in late so I didn't meet Bill or Brushchi.

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Ozzy - Backstage when he came to Toronto in '07
Zakk Wylde - Read above
Rob Zombie - Read above
Rob Halford - Backstage during the Metal Masters tour of '08 (He gives the manliest handshake you could imagine)
Lemmy Kilmister - Read above
Chuck Billy - Read above, also met him during the Canadian Carnage tour of '10
Ronnie James Dio - Read above. (Best guy for fan service. I told him I was moving to Norway in a couple months, and he pulled me aside from everyone else just so we can talk about how awesome the country is.)
Tony Iommi - Read above
Tom Araya - Backstage at the Canadian Carnage tour of '10 (Hilarious guy)
Kerry King - Went shot for shot with him at the bar with a friend. I'm a skinny guy, and he made fun of my size, so I told him I could hold my own against him, he accepted the challenge. The story of getting back home is a good one.
Dave Mustaine - Read Above (To Tom). Mustaine is a douche, our conversation was limited to "What's your favourite album? Favourite song?" then brushed me along. Felt so cold after that.
David Ellefson (Bassist of Megadeth) - Met him after meeting Mustaine and asked him if Mustaine's always given a cold shoulder to fans after the show. Apparently he doesn't mean to, he's just too "professional". Yeah, like anyone's buying that knowing that man's past.
Stone Cold Steve Austin - He was doing a book signing at the Eaton's Centre years ago in Toronto, so I met my childhood idol there.

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I met Samir Ghanem (Egyptian comedian) a while back



Only former President George W Bush (not really though, I was just in the crowd). My dad also saw Jesse Ventura was he our governor.. Not much famous people come out to Minnesota..

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I met Ajahn Brahm (not really a celebrity, but he's quite famous around Buddhist community) and managed to get him to sign a book.

It's something akin to a seminar though, soooo... and I didn't talk much with him.


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when i worked at cornell:
carl sagan
the dalai lama

my son knows:
dir en grey

dir en grey even unofficially dedicated their album 'marrow of the bone' to our cait; due to legal reasons it could not be done officially, but they told him during a phone call.

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does myself count?

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I met Mitt Rommey and shook his hand. Can't think of anyone else.

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I met Shawnimal twice (Shawn Smith). Not really a celebrity, but in the world of art and toys he's pretty well known. He makes the cutest characters and plush toys. (several of which I own) I met him once at his art exhibition in NYC and again a few months later at NY Comic-Con, he even remembered me!
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I recall meeting Alberto Gonzales a while back

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