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Just wanted to throw in a tip about a great site/service. let you easily create chatrooms wich work with text, sound or video. Just enter the site and create a room possibly named waterwarfare, or onslaught or wespeak. Try entering this room:
TinyChat needs Flash 10 and JavaScript enabled.
Machu, I and Outrunner have used it several times when Nintendo Life Weekly Mario Kart Racing. There we decide who we are going after, wich track to vote for and bla bla bla. It´s a great service and complements the games built in crippled communications. I still havn´t tried sound but that would be great when Onslaughting.
I have nothing to do with this site but have found it very useful. Especially when you have a computer nearby your TV-set. Have fun.

MvsDK.MMA:2537-2494-2800 MvsDK.MM:4942-9024-1602


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