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As much as i love this site,seemingly alot of people don't really like me.
Just because i make thrends about what games console i should buy,why do people have to be big dickheads and say "this thrend is pointless"

Jeez i was just asking for bloody advice cuz i don't own a PS3 and i just wanted to know if it is worth it.

This is quite frankly the 5th time i get bashed on forums and then on youtube because of my opinion.

Anyway hope you guys have a nice,peaceful life. happy gaming.

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Hope life gets better for you!

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coo ttyl

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Sorry you had bad reception on your threads. Doesn't seem justified. Keep gaming, gamer.

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Dont want to offend you, but this IS *nintendo*life. Even if there is an other gaming section, you gotta understand that this isnt the best place to ask about other consoles. You should try a forum with more of a multi-console fanbase. I like you, well I dont really know you though. Have fun elsewhere!



Go to IGN or Gamefaqs they'll love you there!
But not like we didn't

Just for you.
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No don't leave this site. Alot of people will be critisized at some point. Besides, I still have your Friend Code.



(it's the internet dude. toughen up--seriously....people bash because it's's text)

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The problem is you let others decide you path for you.

If you want to sell your wii, sell it.

If you want to buy a PS3 buy it.

If you want to post here, post here.

But do you have to look for affirmation from everyone to be happy? To thine own self be true. If you put something up on a public message board, you have to deal with the responses it generates. No need to take it so personal or pretend you are a victim.

YOU should be able to look at any system and its list of games and decide if it is right for you. Right?

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Oh good, I am neither a gamer or hardcore. Saves me from having to be IGNorant.
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Ok goodbye.

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People worry too much about what other people think of them or what they post. Who gives a flying f**k what other people think. If you have a constructive post that's not breaking forum rules, post away.

Plain old gamer :)


I don't even know what a thrend is, so I'm not in a position to judge either way.

Twitter is a good place to throw your nonsense.
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I would stay.

Who cares what a bunch of strangers think?

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@Corbie..... Dude I wasnt goin to post but thank you because that is exactly the thoughts goin thru my head. Like people goin into the OTHER GAMING forum and screamin hate about its a NL site WTF Thats why the Forums have Sections for Everything. Thats what makes NL great is it appeals to ALL gamers not just Nintendo. Most true gamers play anything they can get their hands on if they enjoy it. Who cares who made it. Its fun.... Play it.

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Turbo+Genesis+64 wrote:

I would stay.

Who cares what a bunch of strangers think?

Well - he does, and so do most ppl who post here, eh?

Or why have a disccusion?

Or why ask 'Is the PS3 right for Mii?'

Or 'Should I sell my Wii?'

IGN: The holiday Wii lineup looks thin for the hardcore crowd. We see this. Gamers see this. What, if anything, is Nintendo planning to address it?

Oh good, I am neither a gamer or hardcore. Saves me from having to be IGNorant.
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I haven't been too pleased with all the "don't talk about PS3 on a Nintendo site!" talk lately. Maybe we just want to ask the opinions of the friends we've made on Nintendo Life, without having to ask everybody to go join another site to talk with us! And maybe we want to be able to talk about gaming in general in a setting that does not include a bunch of Nintendo-hating jerkwads. If it's in the "other gaming" section, it deserves ZERO complaints for even existing, PERIOD!

I'm sorry this recent problem got to you this badly, Sean007s. I know I tried to help you out honestly, as did a few others. Please don't let the pointless complainers detract too much from the positive experiences you've had from this site!

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I honestly didn't see what the big deal is, that's what the section is made for.

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Well peace man, i have your youtube so u can still pm if u want. However, if u come back to read this just let me say i think you've taken things to literally or sensitively, i dont think a lot of people were trying to bash you, maybe it was more a case of you interpreted their advice in the wrong way since it wasn't the advice you were hoping for. Just be yourself and you have to have confidence in what you say, and back it up/ be prepared for critical reception. theres gonna be times when u cant just leave because you're frustrated in real life. Be strong though

@Metalmario true true

@Corbie true true true very blunt and true true true lol

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