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I just stumbled upon a video completely at random, talking about Masamune Shirow, who has worked on various popular manga, such as Ghost in the Shell. They also brought up the issue of how he now mostly just does erotic art books, which is where the weird thing comes in: I just found and read through one of those erotic artbooks this morning, and they even showed carefully cebsored pictures from the one I read. O_o I don't think it was made today, either. I read it as soon as it was posted on the secret website that has a digital equivelant of a secret handshake in order to get in. What are the chances?

Coincidentally, now I want to go watch Dominion Tank Police, which is what the video was supposed to be about.

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This It's so awesome.

Edit: Sorry it's not working. Here is the link so you can see the glory.

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lol guess that was his point? xD

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Just realized this, my karate teacher kind of looks like Freddie Mercury...

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LordJumpMad wrote:

I ran into this video today.....

Brb leaving touhou fandom

mods delete me

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I just came to the 3DS eShop and inside the eShop there's a Netflix ad showing My Little Pony., Friendship is Magic.

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everything my sister said.



I just found out about a K-Pop group that is going to be debuting sometime next year.
And this group is made up of CHILDREN. And there are 14 members. (That's a crap ton of members for a K-Pop group.)
But really, it has members as old as me and a member that's only 11 years old.
This seriously weirded me out. I'm actually worried for this group . Why are they using people that are so young?
(Member ages.)

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@Konata I don't know about Korea, but I know that in both Chinese and Japanese TV they have talent shows kind of like American Idol, except the participants are all around 7-15. It's actually very popular, although one does have to wonder how much stress that puts on the children. I once read an article about the Asian gymnastic teams at the Olympics. Some of the participants were fourteen years old at the time, which is quite terrifying when you start thinking about when they would need to start training to get to that calibre at such a young age.

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I've heard about those things, but in my 3 years of K-Pop listening I have NEVER heard of a group so young.
If anything, they would be just beginning in the trainee period preparing to debut in 3 to 4 years from now. But to already be debuting so soon is really rare.
I'll be following this group to see how it ends up.

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@Konata Sounds like a disaster. Especially when one or two of them hit puberty.



A couple of days ago, while I was walking my dog, I saw a squirrel go on the road and got clipped by a car. As soon as the car clipped the squirrel, it was spinning on it's back like a spun coin on the table. It was hilarious.

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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

E-102/SpearGuy Spamming

He went from weird to psycho, that's something we don't get to see every day.

Meowph, that's right!

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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

E-102/SpearGuy Spamming

That sounds like more of a disappointment if you ask me.

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