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Topic: Weird things you often say while Playing Video Games

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No win is complete without a quick (And generally poor) a cappella Final Fantasy victory fanfare! Or occasionally the Sonic stage clear tune.
And if I'm losing, a bad game in particular, my favorite phrases are "DID THEY EVEN PLAY THIS?!?", "Yup, this was NEVER PLAYED. CLEARLY." and "WHAT were they THINKING!?!"

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I tend to say "waluigi" or "waaaa" or Waluigi's waaaa" when things get tense. I occasionally say "Go go go in your hover round" When races get tense, and, for a short while after seeing an episode of Worst Cooks in America, I would say "dreamer burger" a lot. Other than that, I quote lines from movies and TV shows a lot. (Especially from Gravity Falls)

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