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Topic: Weird things you often say while Playing Video Games

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"Get some, b*tches!!1!1!" my prime catchphrase. Others include:

"You're going down, mother%&$£@?^s!"

"Burn, weirdos!"

"Smell your tanned behinds!"

"KAWASAKIII!" (often accompanied by a vague Native American war-cry - "AI YAI YAI YAI YAI!")

The above works best when doing some wild chopping. And finally, when I know I'm about to see God in video-games:

"I've wasted my life."

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"Flantigimous anorthatols!"

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DIE BIRDO DIE....well that's usually what I am saying when I'm playing Mario Party or Fortune Street anyway....I am not kidding.....that Dinosaur thing hates's mission in life is to make sure I lose when if I ever dare to challenge it in one of those games. Or at least cause me much pain and anger.

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Knux wrote:

I invent new curse words while playing video games.

HaHaHaHa...My brother does this whenever he plays SSBB. :O

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"Monkey monkey monkey monkey!" when dying on Super Monkey Ball

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Here's a scenario that doesn't play out too often, but when it does, it is awesome.

[Scores headshot from across map]

Me: "Great googely moogely!"

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"Go to hell you stupid turtles!"
"Kiss my @ss"
'F*cking stupid c*cksucker!"

I curse alot......

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Sometimes my bro refers to his sniping victims as "wilburs." Like the one pig from one of those children's movies. In other words, he kind of treats sniping like hunting. Maybe in the future he'll change it to "I just got 5 deers!" or something like that.


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"Bludgeon his b*tthole Darmanitan!" while playing Pokemon.
"I hate you so much Mario!" when Mario passes me at end of Mario Kart 7.
"D*mn it Mario, stop being such a qu**rhound!" in SM3DL.

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I felt like reviving this thread. I often quote Dunban while playing any game. In particular I say, "The time is now.", "Time to seize our destinys.", and "Amaturish". Strangely I never use Dunban.

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"Fugarb" is my favorite outburst.

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Instead of cursing or yelling insults when an enemy kills me, I say " I will track you down and perform appendectomies on your entire family!" Sometimes I also sing various BitF quotes and/or songs when I'm playing online.

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When I'm playing by myself, I never really say anything, besides muttering stuff like "no, no, no" or "seriously" when I die. Compared to a lot of you guys I'm really calm. However, when playing with friends it's a different story..

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Horrible, horrible puns.

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I mostly say random things like the pig it is watching me, must kill the witness and take its delicious bacon.

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Usually I say whatever set of YouTube quotes (mostly from gaming channels) is stuck in my head. For example whenever I get a critical hit in Fire Emblem: Awakening I recite a certain line from Game Grumps. "Oh you done! OOOOHHH!" and, "Oh, I'm sorry I had to brag. My roll of the die was better then yours; yes it was!" (both from Jon). Plus a lot of The Runaway Guys quotes, like Tim's (aka NintendoCapriSun), "So happy."

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I say a lot of weird stuff but I don't remember any specifics. I think its normally different :)

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I say weird things... >_<.
Like You're going down SON!
I don't know when I started saying it, but I want to stop xD.

And in story Line sections if they say something like "You're annoying"
I would yell out You're FACE is annoying.
Curse my weirdness!

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I know when was playing Skyward Sword I was making very violent threats to everybody in the game that I found slightly disagreeable or did something I didn't like. I was even yelling out at Zelda's guardian person for taking Zelda away fom me. I can't remember very well what I was saying aside from the really violent part because it has been a really long time. I do remember calling Ghirham a coward for running away since I just wanted to kill that boy right then and there each time.

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I'll do a little Tiger Woods fist pump under good circumstances. Under bad circumstances... well, this is a family site, so I'll leave it at that. ;) AVGN helped me extend my "vocabulary" for such cases, LOL.

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