Topic: Way too many games on backlog, what should I do?

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I have about six 40+ hour games I've bought recently, and I'm just about to finish Opoona, and I don't think I'm going to go for completion this time, seeing as I have so many games lined up. I just bought a PS2, so I have FFIX, X, and XII yet to play (I've beaten X before, but it's been a while) and also MGS 2 and 3 (again, I beat 2, but a long time ago now) I also have Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Mario 64, and ALttP started...what should I work on after I get Opoona finished?

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Super Mario 64 is required playing, so thats my choice. but u may bcome hooked on that game for a LONG time like me, so take a break with MGS 2

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Yeah, it's pretty sad. I'm gonna buckle down and try to finish as many as possible this fall/winter.



Argh this drives me crazy! I get about 5 hours of gaming time per week (usually just on a Saturday) and I have so many games I need to finish. Right now I'm trying to get through Metroid Prime 2 so I can get the Trilogy so I can play through 3. As well as that I've just bought Another Code R and Tomb Raider Legend that I'm finding quite addictive. Also I'm halfway through Eternal Darkness and quarter of the way through Tales of Symphonia.

On top of that I also have an overwhelming urge to play through Twlight Princess again and the entire Resident Evil series. By the time I get to do that, it'll be 2012 at this rate (providing I don't buy any more games)!



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