Topic: Wario and Waluigi - Who do you prefer?

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I think I choose Waluigi, nothing else to say, really.

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Best thread ever.
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Wario. Because he has games.

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Wario, because he's more of a legit villain than Waluigi who debuted in...Mario Tennis as his partner.



Wario. He's actually a decent character. Waluigi is just plain stupid in concept and character.

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Waluigi is okay, though. He probably needs his own game.

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waluigi is awesome wario is a fatty

can't wait till the sims 3 comes out on 11/15/10


Waluigi. Wario has TOO many games.

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Wario because his games are awesome.

I used to hate Waluigi, then I read this. Now he's pretty awesome.

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I would definetley pick Wario, He's one of my favourite game characters. Although I still like Waluigi and I think he deserves to either: have his own game, be a playable character in a mario or wario game or at least be playable in a smash bros. game.


WAAAARIOOOOOOOOO. No contest really.

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Wario because he has his own games and most of them are pretty good. Waluigi on the other hand, does not. His first appearance was in a N64 Mario Tennis Game, and has only been seen in Mario Party/Sport games ever since. It would be nice if he actually had his own games or be a main villain and be more than a throw away character.


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Waluigi. Tall and lanky characters will always get the edge on their short, stubby counterparts, at least in my eyes...

Also, I know that if Waluigi had his own platformer (or if the brothers' roles were reversed) it would change all this irrational hate people have for him...

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