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Topic: Video Game Crossovers you want to see!

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Ever since I was a sprout I've wanted a Zelda and Metroid crossover.

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Nintendo X Sega X Capcom X Square Enix - Similar to Kingdom Hearts.

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If the NX releases this year, it'll be a bit too early IMO.

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Zelda X Fire Emblem - or a game set in the Zelda universe, that plays like a FE game.

Fire Emblem X SoulCalibur - SC is a weapons based fighter, so a lot of FE characters could fit in nicely.

Pokémon X Zelda - Or rather, an action adventure game that has you playing as a Pikachu. You would tackle dungeons (an abandoned factory, junkyard, city sewer system, etc. Any sort of everyday place that would be giant and/or dangerous to a Pikachu), and instead of items, you would learn different electrical based techniques to advance.

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