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Name something you did in a video game that you've done for the first time and/or finally accomplished.
For me, it's this.

Jmaster49 on YouTube
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I completed the battlefield 4 campaign

At certain points I began questioning what I'm doing with my life, wondering why am I doing this to myself, etc. But I finished. Most of my time was spent trying to kill my squad mates (specifically Irish and Hannah who I hate equally) but I was able to overcome my anger and continue on.

At times the people downstairs probably thought there was a domestic disturbance from me yelling at the tv. So being done with this campaign forever is quite the accomplishment for me.



I completed Cave Story (Original PC Release) 100% in a single sitting as a two-day-late celebration of the game's 9th Anniversary. I only died 7 times (including Hell) and completed the game is less than 7 hours. I had the reset the game multiple times to get the Ikachan Metal, but today was, by far, my best playthrough.

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