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I’m pretty sure that this isn’t an unpopular opinion, it just depends on what console you grew up on, Mario Kart DS was the best Mario Kart Game in existence. Mario Kart 7 should’ve been DS, but more.


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Heavyarms55 wrote:

New unpopular opinion, I'm still excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Maybe not as much as I would have been before the "controversy" but I still very much look forward to playing it.

I am as well. The "controversy" does exhibit some negatives, but I really do think a lot of people are making a mountain out of a molehill.

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@MegaSwitch I can't speak to the current meta-game for the TCG, but around the 4th generation DPPT/HGSS era of the card game, it was really solid and competitive. I played the game a lot. It remained pretty solid into gen 5 until they released one of the worst cards ever printed... Hypno Toxic laser. Yes, basically a gun for the trainer to poison the opponent's Pokemon and put them to sleep on a coin flip. A utter horrible idea completely breaking the theme of the game and reducing many games to revolving around the coin flips caused by that one item card. That's around when I left the game.

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@RedderRugfish You may know this already, but they're making a TurboGrafx Mini right now:

@Rutty_YT I don't see myself getting Splatoon 3 either, actually. Splatoon's a fine game, don't get me wrong, but I keep running into players who tend to grief (how I noticed it was that some players had 0 points at the end of the match). It's not necessarily the game's fault, but that happened to me a lot while playing Splatoon 2 - one time I lost a match and two of my teammates had 0 points at the end. That's what turned me off from the game, and I'm afraid that if Splatoon 3 does happen, it'll have that griefing issue too.

As for Mario Kart DS, yeah I think a lot of people would agree. My favorites are Double Dash and 8 (Deluxe), but DS is still solid in its own right. I played it a ton of times back when it came out.

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I think the SNES library is for the most part an inferior version of the GBA library

SNES has Link to the Past, but GBA had Link to the Past, Four Swords, and Minish Cap
SNES had Castlevania 4 and Dracula X, but GBA had Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow
SNES had Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 6, but GBA had 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and Tactics Advance
SNES had Super Mario RPG, but GBA had Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
SNES had Super Metroid, but GBA had Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission
SNES had Mario 1, 2, 3, World, and Yoshi's Island, but GBA had all of these and Mario VS Donkey Kong
SNES had Earthbound, but GBA had Mother 1, Mother 2, and Mother 3
SNES had Super Mario Kart, but GBA had Mario Kart Super Circuit
SNES had F Zero, but GBA had F Zero Maximum Velocity, GP Legend, and Climax

Not to mention that the GBA was stronger than many people give it credit for. Minish Cap is way more detailed and colorful than Link to the Past. Zero Mission is somewhat better detailed than Super Metroid. Super Circuit is less jaggy and more colorful than Super Mario Kart. Just try and find a SNES game that looks anywhere near as good as either of the Golden Sun games.

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i mean that's true, but if you grew up with snes and still have one, it was worse than being a wii u owner with a switch

i did not, so i largely agree though, but lets be honest, by that logic, a computer or a psp was better than any older nintendo system, roms lolololololololol

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Somewhat gaming but more generally tech related -

I don't really like mechanical keyboards. Those that I have used feel clunky and the keys have too much resistance. Plus I'm not keen on the noise. I'd much rather use my laptop keyboard any day.

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Another comes to mind -

I think the Gamecube controller is overrated. I absolutely adored it at the time (and it arguably holds up as the best controller of the generation), it feels great to hold, and for some games (e.g. Smash) the unconventional face button layout just seems perfect. However, the D-pad and C-stick are poor, and I find the analogue stick to be too stiff. Most controllers since (ignoring Wii and Wii U) have improved on shoulder buttons also.

In fact, I think the only redeeming factor of the Gamecube controller in the modern day is the unique face button layout.

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@RedderRugfish I get what you're saying about the GBA/SNES, but they are also a decade apart. The SNES was Nintendos first foray into a lot of the things that SNES could do, so of course a decade later they would have gotten better at it and added improvements to the sequels and remakes of the SNES games that the GBA got.
I don't disagree with the opinion, I don't think it's quite a fair comparison, though, given the time span between them.



@Cotillion Yeah, for their times it might not have been a fair comparison. But it's been decades since both of them, and even today it seems that the SNES is still the Nintendo console held in highest regard as being the best system Nintendo has ever made.

@Buizel I like the Gamecube controller, but only for certain games. When games are designed specifically with that controller in mind, then it's great. If it's a random multiplat or you're using it as a makeshift pro controller on Switch, then it's often mediocre at best and completely terrible at worst.

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@RedderRugfish speaking of both Gamecube and GBA...

It's a real shame that the GBA player was only on Gamecube. The Gamecube controller is very ill-suited towards GBA games.



I once played most of Donkey Kong Country on Wii VC with a Gamecube controller before I had a Classic controller. That was a mistake.


@Buizel I just use an original GBA connected via a Gamecube link cable as the controller. Same great form factor of the original model, but on a TV screen instead of a tiny unlit screen.

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I never really got into Harvest Moon. I thought the farming aspects were interesting, but I didn't like the socialization aspects. Everyone you talk to pretty much says the same thing every time you talk to them, town events only happen rarely, and the only way to get a girl to like you is to just repeatedly give her gifts until she's willing to marry you. It just didn't feel like a living, breathing, world like you'd see in a game like Animal Crossing.

Granted, I only played the PS1 game, so if there's a sequel that fixes these issues then I might be willing to try it.

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"so if there's a sequel that fixes these issues then I might be willing to try it."

Try Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility Wii.
You can play as either Boy or Girl.
If you are boy, you are looking for wife and if you are girl, you are looking for husband.
You still need to give gifts to them but to get engaged with them, you must do their favors. You must join in lunch date, do their request and accept their love confession. After that there will be an event about Blue feather (an item to propose eligible bachelors / bachelorettes) and after you get that item, you can propose your lover.

Old Harvest Moon didn't have specific events to get engaged more with your lover. Just keep giving them gifts until they are eligible enough to get married. But starting from Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility, you must do their quest to able to marry them.

Btw, i played as a Girl on Tree of Tranquility and married with Owen because i'm looking for Handsome Husbando, not interested with Waifus.

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I like the platforming mechanics in Super Paper Mario more than I like them in the full 2D Mario Platformers. Mario's movement just feels so much more natural like it does in the 3D Mario games.

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Splatoon is not unplayable without motion controls. I used a wired Yoshi controller to play one day because my Joy-Cons needed charging. Didn't do too bad with joystick aiming and won a few games. Maybe it helps as I've played other shooter games on Switch and Wii U with joysticks, so I'm use to it.



@Grisinblue they have released 4 new IPs since the release of the Switch. Although one could debate their quality. 1-2-Switch, Snipperclips, Arms and Labo are all new Nintendo IPs.

They also have third party studios making exclusive new IPs like Astral Chain and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

They've also had several new IPs over the years since the 3DS and Wii U were released:
Code Name: Steam
Dillon's Rolling Western
Ever Oasis
Tank Troopers
Nintendo Land
Star Fox Guard

Again, not saying all those IPs are brilliant, and most of them didn't take off. Splatoon being the exception. So they are doing original IPs, and almost the quantity you want.

Not arguing against you. I'd also like more original IPs from Nintendo.

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Grisinblue wrote:

For a while now, I feel like the Nintendo game development teams have been creatively bankrupt.

Like on one hand, I do think Nintendo is kinda mostly stuck on its popular IPs right now. They know what sells, they know what people want, and at best they'll sneak an Arms in there if a team is available not working on their popular thing. At some point I would like to see them focus a bit more on something new and exciting. I always adored how during the Dreamcast era Sega basically said "**** it" and put out as many bold, creative games as possible.

But that was also clearly dumb, since the Dreamcast killed Sega's role as a first party gaming company (granted, it was the final nails in the coffin built by Sega's terrible Saturn decisions...). And when most of what people want is from their pre-existing franchises, its hard to justify making more games And I think it's really unfair to undersell the creativity and effort put into a lot of these sequels.

BOTW fundamentally broke 20 years of the Zelda formula and went against a number of normal gaming conventions, especially in the open world genre it was going for. It was almost like if Team Ico was given the task to make Skyrim at points, it's pretty out there for such a major title. Super Mario Odyssey is absolutely filled with creative ideas with the countless "captures" you can do, that almost inherently has more variety than the other 3D Mario games. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was intentionally made to be a best of Smash Bros rather than a wholly new game, and still included a completely new style of story mode and spirit gameplay to go along with it. That's even ignoring the time they gave Mario to Ubisoft and we somehow got "Rabbids crossover strategy game". Like if they really wanted to make something uncreative, they could, and would likely get away with it. I mean, some of the best selling Switch games are just ports of Wii U games.

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