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zonks wrote:

McKids remains my favourite NES game (not sure if this is unpopular, but I know many people hate the McDonalds branding).

The game is remembered pretty fondly. Doesn't seem too unpopular.

What I don't understand is why anyone would want to buy a game based off a food company. I can sort of understand the appeal of a game based off a movie or something, since it lets you take control of a movie you liked. But a game based on a restaurant? Why would that seem interesting to consumers?

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@ReaderRagfihs I think it had to do with the time it was released. The McDonald's characters and fast food characters in general were quite popular with kids in the 90's (commercial marketing). Honestly I never cared much about the McDonald's aspect of the game, I just had fun playing it.


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Every 3D Mario game, ranked (imo).
Odyssey > 3D World > Galaxy 1&2 > Sunshine > 3D Land > 64


I'm gonna get a lot of hate for putting 64 last.

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@TheAwesomeBowser Well, it is the technically the worst one, in terms of controls, mechanics, and graphics. Just because it was the first and people are nostalgic for it doesn’t mean it’s the best. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst, but it is your opinion.

Most controllers are very overrated. I wouldn’t really say that the Wii Classic Controller is a step above the Wiimote. Also hate keyboard and mouse controls. It’s the main thing keeping me from using Steam (yes I know that the Switch Pro is compatible, but not for all games).

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@TheAwesomeBowser Oh, good, a like mind! I came to Mario 64 as an adult, and I just don't like anything about it. Feels awful to control, the camera is weird, and it's almost painful to look at these days.

Personally, I'd rank them...

Galaxy > Sunshine > Odyssey > 3D World > 3D Land > Galaxy 2 (this one never really grabbed me, for whatever reason) > 64



@GyroZeppeli It can be for every game except for strategy/simulation games which are best on PC and rarely on consoles anyway. With Steam's built-in features, you can map the keyboard on your controllers so something like WASD can be on the D-Pad, E on A, etc.

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It's also worth mentioning that, if you can get used to it, you can play even strategy/sim games with a Steam controller.



@Ralizah Once you get used to it you can also perform your own acupuncture. It's a similarly pleasant experience.



@NEStalgia Some people really like it. I didn't, but then, I don't really want to play sim games on a pad.

It's an extremely innovative controller, though.



GyroZeppeli wrote:

A sequel to Donkey Kong 64 would be much better than a new Country Returns game.

Agreed. I like Donkey Kong 64 and have never had an issue with backtracking to change the Kongs. I even liked the idea that every Kong has their own color of collectibles.

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IMO, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is vastly superior to Octopath Traveler. While XB2 has some notable flaws (lots of side missions being tedious grind fests, VERY cutscene heavy during certain segments of the game and a fairly unimpressive start), I've managed to sink in over 100 hours into that game and I'm currently extremely invested in it. Octopath Traveler on the other hand I was bored stiff with by the 30 hour mark and just gave up on it. Barring Primrose and her story, none of the other characters and their stories were engaging to me in the slighest and while the combat was pretty good for some reason it couldn't fully grab me like Bravely Default's did.



Mario Odyssey is way overrated.



I prefer Super Mario Galaxy over Galaxy 2. The former had more of a story, the space hub that the Lumas lived on was more engaging than the traveling Mario-shaped planet in 2, and Rosalina in general is a wonderful character. I much prefer her over Peach TBH.

That's not to say that the second game isn't decent, but it felt a little too much like the first game in terms of what happened.

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Some thoughts on 3D platformers:

  • I think Mario 64 was outdone the second Mario Sunshine came out. Despite this, I understand the demand for a "Mario 128" - we didn't really get a Mario game in the spirit of 64 until Odyssey 20 years later.
  • I find Spyro trilogy and Jak and Daxter to be more enjoyable collectathons than Banjo Kazooie, which feels clunky in comparison.
  • I don't think Yooka Laylee is a bad game. Flawed? Yes. But still fun.

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@Buizel I don't really get this opinion on Odyssey. Structurally, it's nothing like previous Mario games. It's more of a collectathon, like Banjo-Kazooie. It's the 3D Mario that's least like 64, imo.

@Blitzenexx The "level pack" feel of Galaxy 2, the way you progress from Galaxy to Galaxy, the way Yoshi controls, the lack of a story, and the lack of atmosphere (compared to the original, which felt whimsical and magical but also slightly melancholy) all made me like that one much less than the original.

Of course, as has been said, it's still a good game.

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Mario Sunshine remains my least favourite Mario game of all time. I just could not get into it; it felt like too much busy work and not an ounce of fun.
Apart from a couple of tracks, I thought Mario Kart Double Dash was garbage.


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Pokemon X and Y were the best Generation of Pokemon games yet.

Pokemon as a whole also does not need a complete rehaul to succeed/survive as people keep saying. Its fine as is and you're just getting bored of Pokemon as a whole if you think otherwise. Its the biggest IP world-wide and it's too late to stop that fact.

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Dance Dance Revolution series is the BEST rhythm games for me than Just Dance series. Just Dance is for Casual gamers with recently popular licensed songs with some retro twist and less Challenges, but Dance Dance Revolution is for Beginner until Master with stepcharts from Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy until really intense stepchart on Challenge difficuly Bosses songs.

Just Dance = BLAH 👎
Dance Dance Revolution = AWESOME 👍👍👍

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6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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