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Mario Odyssey is way overrated.

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I prefer Super Mario Galaxy over Galaxy 2. The former had more of a story, the space hub that the Lumas lived on was more engaging than the traveling Mario-shaped planet in 2, and Rosalina in general is a wonderful character. I much prefer her over Peach TBH.

That's not to say that the second game isn't decent, but it felt a little too much like the first game in terms of what happened.

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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is better than Transformed.

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Some thoughts on 3D platformers:

  • I think Mario 64 was outdone the second Mario Sunshine came out. Despite this, I understand the demand for a "Mario 128" - we didn't really get a Mario game in the spirit of 64 until Odyssey 20 years later.
  • I find Spyro trilogy and Jak and Daxter to be more enjoyable collectathons than Banjo Kazooie, which feels clunky in comparison.
  • I don't think Yooka Laylee is a bad game. Flawed? Yes. But still fun.



@Buizel I don't really get this opinion on Odyssey. Structurally, it's nothing like previous Mario games. It's more of a collectathon, like Banjo-Kazooie. It's the 3D Mario that's least like 64, imo.

@Blitzenexx The "level pack" feel of Galaxy 2, the way you progress from Galaxy to Galaxy, the way Yoshi controls, the lack of a story, and the lack of atmosphere (compared to the original, which felt whimsical and magical but also slightly melancholy) all made me like that one much less than the original.

Of course, as has been said, it's still a good game.

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Mario Sunshine remains my least favourite Mario game of all time. I just could not get into it; it felt like too much busy work and not an ounce of fun.
Apart from a couple of tracks, I thought Mario Kart Double Dash was garbage.


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Pokemon X and Y were the best Generation of Pokemon games yet.

Pokemon as a whole also does not need a complete rehaul to succeed/survive as people keep saying. Its fine as is and you're just getting bored of Pokemon as a whole if you think otherwise. Its the biggest IP world-wide and it's too late to stop that fact.

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Dance Dance Revolution series is the BEST rhythm games for me than Just Dance series. Just Dance is for Casual gamers with recently popular licensed songs with some retro twist and less Challenges, but Dance Dance Revolution is for Beginner until Master with stepcharts from Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy until really intense stepchart on Challenge difficuly Bosses songs.

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6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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Super Mario 64 is my favourite 3d Mario game and I still play this at least once a year. Mario controls quick and tight and his long jump and belly dives are a beast to use

Super Mario Galaxy 2 had great ideas and great levels including ultimate challenge.

Super Mario oddyssey. Great ideas with great levels but more of a collector like banjo kazooie. Mario belly flop is back but his jumps feel heavy

Super Mario 3d land. The best final boss battle in a mario game. Also great final special challenge

Super Mario Galaxy. Came before but 2 was better in every way including level designs. Mario was slow in galaxy games but first Mario game with 60 fps and looked beautiful.

Super Mario sunshine. Enjoyed this but stages were near all open with not much platforming other than the special warp stages. Mario controlled great and fludd helped a lot

Super Mario 64ds. Played once and still have but always play and choose 64 over this.

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Super Mario 64 is still my favorite 3D Mario. The controls are tight and flexible once you get a feel for them, the levels are fun, and overall it's just a fun time. Recently I used this game to test a repair on some of my N64 controllers, and I just didn't want to turn it off even after I knew the controllers worked.

I loved DK64 when I was younger and collectathons were my favorite genre. People nowadays often say that it's just too big for its own good, and I might agree with them now that I'm not as big into these types of games, but at the time it was like heaven, I was addicted to exploring the huge levels and seeing what I could find. It was like a huge scavenger hunt, and I didn't stop until completing it 101%.

I think Spyro is alright. It's good (especially 2 and 3), but the games never really made much of an impact on me after playing Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, DK64, and all those other great collectathons. I can see them being amazing to someone who never owned an N64 though.

Love Crash Bandicoot. It's the opposite of stuff like Mario 64 and Spyro in that there's zero openness. It feels like a 3D version of Donkey Kong Country, with a focus on linear platforming and lots of bouncy jumps.

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@Ralizah 64 was still a collect-a-thon though. More limited in it's collectables, but same spirit. Odyssey to me feels perfectly like 64, though I actually like Odyssey and find 64 to be a meh product of it's time.

People seem to miss that melancholy about Galaxy. Indeed when I think of Galaxy I think about Rosalina's ship, and the waltz music that slowly but surely grew additional layers as you powered up areas. I have mixed feelings about that melancholy tone, but I can say it made it special and memorable. Possibly the most memorable Mario experience I'll ever have outside SMB1, 2, 3, and World defining gaming for me. It was truly special in every way. And Galaxy 2....I agree....was just kinda there. It had no tone at all.



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I don't see what exactly makes people madly in love with DK Tropical Freeze. Sure, it's a good game, but I don't get what makes it one of the best 2d platformers ever made to so many people.



@NEStalgia I disagree. Aside from the odd hidden star, Mario 64 was built around completing a set of missions that rewarded you for completing said missions. It just happened to use stars to structure the experience a bit.

Mario Odyssey has some of that (there are several moons you collect as a result of clearing a stage or a set of challenges), but, at bottom, the game is about accumulating stuff throughout the levels. Moons and purple coins, primarily. The level design, game flow, diversity of environmental puzzles, and focus on constantly discovering and obtaining things makes it feel a lot more like Banjo-Kazooie than a 3D Mario game, imo.

As to Galaxy: when I think of the game, besides the gloriously good visual design, I think of the music (a mix of playful, grandiose, and somber, depending on the track), Rosalina's gradually unfolding backstory via the storybook (perhaps the only time I've ever seen the reality of death acknowledged in any way in a Mario game), and the surprisingly brilliant and intense climax. You're right: the unique atmosphere created as a result of these design choices absolutely makes it stand out from every other game in the series.

@Beedrill4Smash Amazing music. Really, really good level design. Challenging bosses. A flawless presentation. Tight controls. Ann addictive structure that encourages me to play through the same levels over and over and explore their secrets. It has pretty much everything I could ever want in a 2D side-scrolling platformer.

With that said, I feel the same way about the SNES DKC games as you do about Tropical Freeze. They're good platformers, and I can see why people like them, but there's nothing about them that really stands out to me as being particularly good beyond the music and the (at the time) impressive visual design. And even in terms of the visuals, I don't think they've aged nearly as well as something like Yoshi's Island or even Super Mario World.

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I enjoy quite a few EA products. (Mass Effect, NFS, Madden, etc)


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@JackEatsSparrows I do as well. Enjoy all 3 of those series. Thought Andromeda, while lacking in comparison to the rest, was a decent game a didn't deserve anywhere close to the outrage it got. Really excited about Anthem too!

Personally can add in Ubisoft as well. Probably have more of their games than any other 3rd party pub, and enjoy most of them. I know its cool nowadays to hate on all the big guys but they all make some great games.

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Ralizah wrote:

@Buizel I don't really get this opinion on Odyssey. Structurally, it's nothing like previous Mario games.

I agree, actually, and felt quite silly saying it's like 64 and kinda wanna take it back. I wouldn't say its the least like 64 though (if we're including 3D World).

I think every 3D Mario has taken different elements from 64 and this has generally gone in their favour. 64 was innovative at the time but as a full package isn't quite what you'd expect today.

In particular I'm glad that they dumped the whole kicking you out of a stage once you've collected a star business.



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@Ralizah But think of the size and scope of Odyssey vs 64? If you strip out all the "Banjo" collectables, and leave only the "level completion and challenges" moons, you'd still have a game roughly the size of 64. It takes the 64 ideas and quantity, and then throws 400% more "other stuff" (that's Banjo like) at it. 64 is tiny in core content. It just encouraged you to spend forever goofing around.



@Buizel You're absolutely right that 3D Land/World represent the starkest change in game design for 3D Mario. They really feel like their own thing, to be honest, borrowing from both 3D and 2D iterations.

So, in terms of decreasing likeness to SM64, I'd say they go:

Sunshine > Galaxy > Galaxy 2 > Odyssey > 3D World > 3D Land

As you point out, though, they're all different, and they all borrow somewhat from previous games.

While I'm not a fan of Mario 64 (at all), I really, really liked exploring the Mushroom Kingdom in Odyssey.

@NEStalgia Incidentally, if you strip out the gameplay from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you're left with an average-length anime series.

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