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I guess that's one thing I didn't make myself clear on: gameplay is of course still very important. Without good gameplay, it doesn't matter how good the story is, it's still a bad game. The ones I mentioned before incorporate great stories on top of good gameplay. So yeah...

Owlboy is a story about acceptance and trying to overcome expectations. Underneath all that lies a huge backstory about a failed civilization and how faith can mislead an entire population long after that society has crumbled.
You're the first I come across to say Owlboy's story was bad... and I couldn't disagree more with your points. But then again, this is the "Unpopular Gaming Opinions" thread.

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Absolutely LOVE all these different opinions.



For me, stories are REALLY important in the game. I don't mind less gameplay for more story, and only recently I dipped my hand into games with pretty much no plot, and it's surprisingly nice!

I understand that gameplay need to be good, but I don't mind having a kinda decent gameplay for good story For me I view video games as another medium for me to get story told, just in different ways.


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@Iconorobin I have seen more that didn't like the story in owlboy. The stuff about the old owlpeople civilization was not that big. It was mostly that they messed up and that the two owlboys were their ancestors. Still the robot pirate stuff including the old civilization stuff is not exactly new to gaming. It was mostly just how the ending ended that gave me a really bad taste in my mouth. That plottwist with
Solus trying to save the world by betraying the pirates was so expected, I really saw it coming halfway through so maybe that is why I considered the story really predictable. They could atleast have given a epoligue after that weird
free fall to his sort of death? It felt like they wanted to make the ending edgy or something but failed horribly with it.
Still the style of the game is really nice but it felt lacking in every other department in my opinion, but everyone has their own so yah.

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Iconorobin wrote:

I was talking hyperbole of course.
Just compare it to the storylines of the games I mentioned previously and you'd have to agree that Nintendo lacks in this department. At least, if you value such things as stories and character development.

To be fair, Nintendo has gotten away with this for so long, and why fix what isn't broken?

Some of Nintendo's franchises like Mario, Kirby, and Donkey Kong only need a simple story to be enjoyable. However, other Nintendo franchises like Metroid and Zelda have a deeper narrative usually.

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For me, story ISN'T that important to gameplay. As long as the gameplay is great, I'm fine. If a game has great gameplay AND a great story then that's, well, great. But if the gameplay isn't solid, the game won't be one of my favorites no matter how good the story and world are.

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I can like a game without story very easily but I mostly hate when a game tries too hard to have story and it just wastes your time and sucks. That was my biggest problem with Bayonetta, especially 2, is that I genuinely feel like I got a worse experience for actually watching the cutscenes.

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It depends on the genre for me. RPGs with a good story make the game quite a bit more enjoyable(like all three Xenoblade games, Persona 4, heck, SMT games in general etc.) Horror games should really have a strong story(this is part of the reason why Silent Hill 2 is such an amazing game).

Other genres such as shooters, action games, fighters, platformers, they really don't need a good story.

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My unpopular opinions...
-I liked the underwater combat in Monster Hunter Tri and 3u
-I love RPGs, but I almost never care about their stories or characters
-I enjoy all the Mario Party games, even the lame ones
-I have zero interest in Nintendo classic mini consoles
-I really liked Wii Music
-I think Birdo is the worst, most hideous looking character in the Mario series
-My favorite NES game of all time is Balloon Fight, of all games

And to balance it out I guess I'll throw in a few popular opinions.
-Ocarina of Time 100% deserves its reputation of best game ever
-I like the gen 1 Pokemon designs the best (mostly)
-My favorite 2D Mario games are 3 and World

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Alright, feel free to roast me with everything you got.

  • Battle Royale games are incredibly boring and tedious, the exception to me is Fortnite but even then I play it as a time killer sort of game and nothing more.
  • Overall, I don't like Sonic. There's a few Sonic games I enjoy, but there are more awful Sonic games than good ones. And even with the good games, I'm not like an ultra mega fan of them. I enjoy them and think they're good games though, and I'm glad to see that Mania was a success.
  • I prefer the GameCube over the PS2. I know, probably not an unpopular opinion here, but I grew up using my GameCube more and I prefer the first party line-up there to the PS2's (even though the PS2 also had a killer 1st Party line-up). That and the PS2 breaks way too easily seemingly. I've been through like 3 or 4 PS2s and yet I've had this one GameCube since 2003.
  • Gen 7 of Pokemon is the worst Pokemon Generation yet, in my opinion. Yes, even worse than Gen 1. Call me crazy, but I played Pokemon Red on an emulator months back and it's still fun to this day. Funner than any main series Pokemon games released from Gen 6 onwards. At least Red and Blue doesn't try to force all this tutorial crap down your throat for the first few hours of the game. Seriously, that's part of the reason why I never feel any motivation to continue playing a newer Pokemon game after a couple of hours. If they'd just let us play the game that would be great. I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO PLAY POKEMON DAMMIT, I'VE BEEN HERE SINCE RUBY AND SAPPHIRE. AT LEAST MAKE THE TUTORIALS OPTIONAL FOR CHRIST'S SAKE...ahem. Sorry about the tangent there. Anyways...
  • ET isn't that bad. It was a mediocre tie-in that was meant to be an easy cash grab. Besides, there were many other way worse Atari games.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening is really fun as a game, but it isn't a good Fire Emblem game. The gameplay is really solid, but the story and characters were really lacking compared to characters from older entries. Not to mention this is the game where they really started to go overboard with the anime waifu fanservice crap. It was tolerable at first, but FE character designs and stories have gotten so absurd in recent years to the point where I can't even take the stories or these characters seriously anymore. Not trying to sound like an elitist, the gameplay has been the best it's ever been and I won't deny that, but I want the more serious Fire Emblem back for once. Echoes was kinda that, but it was a remake of a previous game so it doesn't count.

Anyways I've gone on a tangent twice so I think I'll stop here. Feel free to tell me why my opinions are wrong and why I'm the spawn of Hitler and how I should kill myself because I have an opinion on the internet.

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I believe I totally found my ideal gaming dimension in mobile phone games. Kinda baffles me how many gamers have a great mobile phone capable of running the most demanding games, yet they only play that couple of (very mediocre) games Nintendo released for it. My phone is a cheap android worth less than €100 and has become my second favourite portable gaming system ever.

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On the subject of stories; I don't really like it when games have multiple alternate endings (often the result of in-games choices that you have to make, which I'm also not that keen on. I make enough bad choices in real life, I don't need it in games as well...) This only really applies to games with stories that I care about, but still, for me, if a story has multiple alternate endings then it basically has no ending (or certainly not a true or satisfying one). I feel somewhat short-changed if I've spent all this time invested in this story and wondering how it ends and they just go "And in the end....... It doesn't really matter. Everyone died. Or they didn't. Whatever". I feel I may as well have just come up with my own ending; "In the end... They all turned into unicorns and flew off". It has just as much worth as the ones the game has given me because they're all equally meaningless. If you went to see a movie and they gave you alternate endings, you'd be like "What the hell? Which one is it then? Which one is canon? Otherwise everything we just sat through was basically pointless..." I imagine developers who make a game with alternate endings think they're doing really immersive storytelling or something, but I can't really think of anything more immersion-breaking from a story than having alternate endings.


@Haywired I also dislike multiple endings, but only because I don't feel it does what's intended: add replayability. I'm usually not gonna bother playing the same game twice in any reasonable time period, so I'll either research the ending I want ahead of time, thus spoiling any impact it might've had, or I'll make my decisions and criticize the game based on the results. If I make a decision that leads to an unfavorable outcome and I can't easily go back and change it, well then everything went south, I guess I better go play something else instead. Screw that noise.

But I hear ya, there's a lot of potential problems that it leads to, and only on a few specific occasions did I ever notice that having choices worked out as a positive. Otherwise, I'd rather the writers just pick an angle and go all the way with it. Minor changes that don't impact the overall narrative I'm all for, but why spread yourself thin and potentially weaken the impact of a good scene? Or make it missable because the majority of people wind up taking a different route?

And seriously, how am I supposed to know what route I want without spoiling the story?

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I'm OK with multiple endings if the game is short (like Undertale, where you can pretty much see everything in every route in under 25 hours) or if the game is designed around seeing multiple endings in a single run (like Virtue's Last Reward). For longer games, though, I vastly prefer they just opt for a strong narrative arc and focus on a single ending.



Fortnite sucks, and so do swimming levels/worlds in Mario.

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Gen 7 of Pokemon is the worst Pokemon Generation yet, in my opinion. Yes, even worse than Gen 1.

Gen 1 created Pokemon both in concept and as a world. I don't think anyone who fell in love with the games back then could then decry them without being some what hypocritical. My opinion.

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I don't like that Cloud and Ryu are in Smash and was really hoping they would be given the axe in Ultimate.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Dj64Mk7 wrote:

Fortnite sucks, and so do swimming levels/worlds in Mario.

Wait......people actually like Mario's Water Levels?

I don't mind Mario water levels...they're not the best, but they're certainly some of the least frustrating water levels in video games.

That said, I'm not sure @Dj64Mk7 's is an unpopular opinion...

Snaplocket wrote:

I don't like that Cloud and Ryu are in Smash and was really hoping they would be given the axe in Ultimate.

May I ask why?

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@Buizel Because they have really uninspired move-sets and add pretty much nothing gameplay-wise? The time spent on them could have been used to give us more awesome Nintendo characters people were asking for.

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@Snaplocket I find Cloud to be one of the most enjoyable characters to play as, myself. I like the overlimit system (although it times it does seem a bit overpowered) and I think the Midgar stage is fairly inspired.

Can't really say much about Ryu though. I'm not a big Street Fighter fan to begin with.

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