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"Wow! An actual user that outdoes briun's (sometimes cute) comments!"
I nominate megaboomface for the Cutest Comments from a User Award.

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110percent wrote:

Also, rythym heaven is my favorite game I have ever played. It is fun, simple to control [anyone new can do it easily] and simply addictive. In most reviews people said it was hard, but it just starts that way. As soon as you start playing it, your sense of rythym improves greatly. Something I found was that losing and trying again wasn't frustrating. I would lose a level 5 or 6 times, but still want to keep trying. Just for the record I love music and play instruments so I had good rythym to begin with. That means it might not be as easy if you don't do anything musically.

Damn...I've been putting off Rythem Heaven for way too long.:( I think I'll try to make it my "After Christmas" present, if I can.

zeyhule the old skule fule wrote:

I got Rhythm Heaven, because I like rhythm(since I play the piano) and I didn't want to get into a rpg 1 week b4 NSMBW comes out. :)

Good choice

Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

Bumping to keep this thread alive and to avoid mutiple topic asking for recommendation.

Now my question. I can only get one game this Christmas and I'm trying to decide between New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Tiger Wood PGA Tour '10. Which one of the two should I get? Remember, I can only get one game, so don't suggest both and I would prefer if you've played both games.

If you have Wii Motion Plus, and really like Golf, I'd recommend going with PGA Tour. Closest thing you'll get to having a golf course in your living room know, putting an actual Golf course in your living room.

Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

@NotEnoughGolds: Yes.
However, I will continue to ask for recommendations. And thank Mickeymac for this excellent thread.

StarBoy91 wrote:

Thank you, mic, for this thread. :)

And thank you guys for keeping it alive!:)

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If you haven't played it yet, get Mega Man X4.