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@Ricardo91: I say go with Modern Warfare 2. Super Street Fighter IV is going to be released in about two months, plus Bayonetta is single-player, so save that for later.


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Thanks, guys. I knew someone would respond eventually.

@Mickey. Well, most of my friends are still addicted to the multiplayer mode, so borrowing a copy could be a problem.

@SSBFan. Wasn't SSFIV held back? That's what I read in Game Informer anyway. But it is Game Informer after all, so it could be wrong. Either way, I guess I'll wait for that one, since the both of you suggested I do that. Also, I don't mind that Bayonetta is a single-player game.

I'll probably wind up with MW2, Even though I really want Bayonetta (the OXM demo I played of it was amazing!). I'm really jonesing for a good multiplayer game on 360, and I'd feel jipped if I got SFIV, only for it's superior version to come out only months later. Thanks for the advice!


For anyone with a GBA/DS who doesn't have an Advance Wars game... If you have friends to play it with (and remember you can take it in turns on one cartridge) it's possibly the most satisfying game on either system.

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Okay, here's another one:
RocketKnight Adventures. I don't own a MegaDrive console, though I do hope I can acquire one soon. RocketKnight Adventures is a game I've been interested in for some time. I don't download games, unless they're on the Virtual Console. There's also Sparskter: RocketKnight Adventures 2 which also looks good. I'm also interested in the SNES Sparkster title. So I was wondering: should I play these titles in their chronological order, or should I play these games in any order I please? Although if the latter is not the case (and it probably isn't), please be nice about.

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I loved Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster: RKA2. I had both on the Mega Drive when I was a kid and they're really quality platformers. From memory you don't have to play them in order since the story isn't very tight. They're pretty typical 16-bit platformers. RKA2 was particularly awesome because you could zoom and fly all around the levels because you didn't have to charge up your rocket pack.

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Alright, the DSiWare Recommendations thread isn't really getting I'll try my luck here...
So, Dragon Quest Wars...I've never played a Dragon Quest game, AND I've never played a strategy game like this, but I WOULD like to delve into the genre a bit...Is this game fun?

...It's either this or Dark Void Zero, which I am a little hesitant about as well...

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I was wondering are there any RPGs that are absolute buys im getting a 360 soon and i have a Wii and DS. I was just wondering if there are any must buy RPGs on any of thoose systems. Ive played many pokemon games and they just dont look fun to me anymore and ive played Final Fantasy 3 for DS and i kinda liked it and i had Golden Sun for the GBA but i lost it somewhere. To conclude my rant haha im just looking for a fun RPG that isnt rip all your hair out hard but still a little hard can anyone help me?

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@bleachfan i personally did not like DQW. It didnt have enough strategy involved... I also wasnt very good at it
But dark void i really liked. Its really fun too, even though its a bit short, on normal it took me many tries to get through every level, as they are quite meaty, and i bet on hard it would be... even harder!
So definatly dark void I think.

@sumba RPG huh? Well, I liked Dragon Quest Monsters a lot. You are a wierd spiky hair guy, and you have a team of 3 monsters that you level up and battle other monsters with. You can also synthesize your monsters together and make a better one, and give your monsters skills that give them stat ups and new moves. I really enjoyed it, but after you beat the game (which is pretty long if you train in the middle) all you can really do if level your guys up to reidculoous porportions and synthesize to try and get every monster. There are 210 monsters, so you have your work cut out for you. Certain special synthesises can get you really really cool monsters too. So this is the only RPG i can think of off the top of my head, and i think ts really good. My best tip is to synthesize constantly if you get it. even thoguh the synthesized monster goes back to level 1, it is better in the long run. Oh and if you train enough its really not that hard, but if you dont synthesize, it gets pretty nasty.

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@sumba: 3 words: Little King's Story

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Vander wrote:

@110percentful: Super Paper Mario is a fun platformer/RPG, and New Super Mario Bros. DS is good too, but knowing how much you like Electroplankton, I suggest to get Rhythm Heaven. It's loaded with rhythm-based small games (JUST DON'T MISTAKE THIS FOR A LAME MINIGAME COLLECTION) It's really fun, and I think it was $30 when I got it.

I already have rhythm heaven. Electroplankton isn't a rythym game. It's a sound manipulation game, with bright cheery visuals and hypnotic sounds. It doesn't matter anymore, because I decided to get some points cards instead [they didn't have Super Paper Mario in stock].

Just let it happen.

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I really want to play something before bed...not sure if I should play Tiberium Sun, CV3, Zelda 2, or if I should start on my Fighter Fest.

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Should I get R-Type for the Master System (VC) or for the Game Boy ? Both would cost me 5€ I dont have other options like PC-Engine ...



Hi PS3/Xbox360 gamers. Can you help me with a decision for me. Basically I'm sick of waiting for GT5 (one of my most anticipated games since I picked up my PS3) and have decided to buy a racing game which is actually on the market. Two things, it has to be more of a sim than arcade style, and it has to have trophies. I've pretty much narrowed it down to Need for Speed Shift and Colin Mcrae Dirt 2. Both games are still quite pricy so I don't want to pick the wrong one. Which should I get?



Dirt 2 looks boring, I'd go with Need for Speed Shift, or Forza 3 if you don't already have it.

The Game.

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If you're gonna get any of the Megaman Battle Network (which I suggest you to play), get the 3rd one. 1 is a little dated, I don't have 2 yet, 4 is a load of crap, get the DS version of 5, and 6 is pretty good, too.

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RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

Dirt 2 looks boring, I'd go with Need for Speed Shift, or Forza 3 if you don't already have it.

Actually I don't have an Xbox.



Choose 6 out of the list that I should get....

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Super Ghouls N' Ghosts
Super Castlevania IV
Super Mario Bros. 3
Legend of Zelda
Mega Man 2
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Contra III: The Alien Wars
F-Zero X
Super Mario Kart
Mario Kart 64
Phantasy Star IV
Sonic The Hedgehog
Starfox 64
Paper Mario

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