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@gcunit Honestly, I was starting to wonder if he was being facetious...

It's a launch game for the Switch, and, just so we're all on the same page: The Switch hasn't released yet, either. It comes out March 3rd, 2017. That is a world-wide release date. I checked.

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@gcunit I'm sorry I was sort of confused because my friend told me it'll be released on the 6th.



I'm trying to remember the name of a game that was being talked about on this site a while ago, It was a downloadable arcade style racing game with pixel graphics and very vibrant colors. I don't remember which system it was coming out for, and I don't know if it ever got released.

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What are the best DS and 3DS games(physical only).
Please put them in list format


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I wasn't entirely sure which thread to put this question in, so I decided to dump this into the universal recommendations thread.

I have both Golden Sun (Wii U VC) and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS cart). I'm trying to decide which one to start with first when I get around to playing them. Should I play the series in order? The reason I'm asking is because I'm aware that some consider Dark Dawn to be the weakest entry and have sometimes seen recommendations to play it first as it's supposedly a disappointment compared to the first two games.

Thanks in advance!

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@Tyranexx Even if i did not play the Golden Sun series (i wish they will bring it to Switch through VC since i could not grab them on Wii U), i'm always for the "follow the order" choice. I would not like to have kind of spoilers about games i know i'm going to play. I prefer to read recalls, it's pleasant most of the times


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Xyphon22 wrote:

I got the Mass Effect Trilogy today for my birthday, just in time for me to start a new game since I just finished the last one I was playing. I have three choices, all of which sound like huge undertakings, so I think I would like to start the one that will probably take the least amount of time. If I just plan on going through the story and not messing with too many sidequests unless they are interesting or on the way, which should I play first: Mass Effect, Oblivion, or Xenoblade Chronicles X? And if anyone has any opinions based on something other than time, throw those out, too.

Oblivion is one of my favourite games of all time, but its main quest just sucks, is very very bad and boring. All the other side quests were at least very fun and enjoyable, some of them were absolutely great, but if you just want to play the game for the main storyline and do nothing else than the main quest playing Oblivion is nothing else than a waste of your time. It's ugly that way, really. Mass Effect was extremely disappointing in my opinion but it was very short, it is not a game I would suggest but if you want a short game and you want to try it it seems the best choice in your situation

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What is the best Mario Party out of any system in the series?



I really want to get into the SMT series, so I was wondering does anyone know which game I should play first? Preferably on DS or 3DS.

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@Chalupa This is almost a completely useless contribution, because I've hardly played it and not played any others, but the little I've played of SMT4 I've enjoyed.

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I'm new to Fire Emblem. What order should I play the following:

Path of Radiance
Radiant Dawn

I hear Awakening was a change, too much change for some, so I'm wary of starting with the earlier ones.

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@gcunit I would go for Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn! They were really good haha. Also I know I'm in the minority here but I honestly could not get into Awakening or the Fates games, but the one I did enjoy on the 3ds was Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia!
Also thanks for the recommendations for the SMT games. I think I will go ahead and get SMT:IV on the 3ds.
Also thanks to you too @matiasu for the recommendations!

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I've never played Chrono Trigger, but I like the look of it. Which is better: the SNES version or the DS version? I'm not sure whether I should get the SNES version on Wii VC while I still can, or just get the DS version.

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I'm about to finish Tales of Vesperia and I'm wondering which RPG to play next. I am looking for something that fits my tastes, but may also surprise me.

For background, my favourite RPGs include Pokemon, Tales of Symphonia, Paper Mario TTYD, Final Fantasy VIII / X, and Xenoblade Chronicles.

The RPGs I have available to me are Final Fantasy VI/XV/Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts 2, Suidoken 2, Tales of the Abyss /Zestiria /Eternia, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Earthbound, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Mario RPG, and the two most recent Star Ocean games.

Any ideas?

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@Buizel You've got Crisis Core? I loved that on the PSP. As long as you're playing it on the original hardware, it's definitely worth playing, particularly if you played Final Fantasy VII.

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@Krull Yep, I've actually played a few hours of it already (but I'd restart in this instance), and quite enjoyed it. I just wish it was playable on Vita / PSTV!

I'll consider it but it's very much less RPG-like than the others on my list.

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MicroSD memory card -

Had this deal come through from Amazon:

I'm awaiting my Switch, so still trying to get the 'right' MicroSD card.

My question, is this card suitable/fast enough? And is this a good deal (I'm a little in the dark with the cost of these cards)

Appreciate any recommendations/advice.




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