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GundamMac wrote:

mariofanatic128 wrote:

This is for someone at college. He's looking for a 360 JRPG that isn't as long as most JRPGS.

Star Ocean 4 is only 30 or 40 hours long.

Thanks, I'll mention that to him then.

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Okay. I already have A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks and Angry Birds (regrettable).
Does anyone have any PS Minis that they recommend?
It also has to be 3 dollars or less.

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Should I get Super Mario 2 or Super Mario Land? Which game is better?



tapirtoon wrote:

Should I get Super Mario 2 or Super Mario Land? Which game is better?

By Super Mario 2, do you mean Super Mario Land 2 or Super Mario Bros. 2? If you mean Land, then definitely the second. You'll get the same answer from almost anyone. If you mean Bros., that's kind of a hard one. I didn't like SMB 2 much, but it is one of the more central games, and if you haven't played it, you have nothing to lose.

I'm at a stop in several categories. Next summer, I'm going to be getting my first real job, and I want to make one of three major purchases: Wii U, laptop, or HD television. I have a Wii (and XBOX 460, which is why the HD TV would benefit), a crappy desktop, and a giant CRT right now. All of them would be worthy upgrades. There are games and books I would want too, so I only plan to get one of those things.

Closer than that, though, is my birthday. I'm not sure if I should ask for Mass Effect 3 and XBOX Live Gold, or a 3DS game (probably Resident Evil, Kid Icarus, or MGS3), some Nintendo points, and more Gold. Posting on a Nintendo website, I already know that the answer would probably be the second option for most people. If so, though, which would you suggest over the others from what we now know?

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bub166 wrote:

tapirtoon wrote:

Should I get Super Mario 2 or Super Mario Land? Which game is better?

By Super Mario 2, do you mean Super Mario Land 2 or Super Mario Bros. 2?

I meant Super Mario Brothers 2. What are the pros and cons of each game?



Super Mario Bros. 2 isn't really a mario game. Its still pretty fun tough.
Super Mario Land is basicly a mini version of Super Mario Bros..

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I know they're not out yet, but I'm not sure if I should get Soul Calibur 5 or the new SSX. I'm a fan of both series (Loved SS3 and still play SC2 every now and than) but I'm just not sure which to get. Been watching a live commentary of Soul Calibur 5 and it looks fantastic. I also know my best friend is getting SSX so I'm gonna want that too.

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CorporalPegasus wrote:

Super Mario Bros. 2 isn't really a mario game. Its still pretty fun tough.
Super Mario Land is basicly a mini version of Super Mario Bros..

Kind of this. Although Super Mario Land is still very different from most Mario platformers, with things like plane flying and bouncy ball launching. Super Mario Bros 2 is a good, albeit slightly evil game, that is Mario only in name and genre. In fact, it's hardly that, because it's really just a reskin of an unpopular Japanese game. If you label yourself a Mario fan, you should definitely get it as soon as possible. It's probably my least favorite, but it's one of the main Mario games. That is reason enough to play it, even though it technically isn't Mario.

There are these flying mask things that are incredibly annoying, if you play the NES version you only have a few continues before having to restart the game (and it's not exactly hard to die in this game), you can not stomp enemies to death (rather, you jump on their head and pull them up to be thrown as a projectile, along with vegetables), and the bosses can be hard.

Of course, if you like old school games, which you seem to, you should not at all be unfamiliar with any of those elements, barring maybe the vegetable and enemy throwing. It also feels more fleshed out as a game, unlike Super Mario Land, which is practically over before it starts, with no real landmark moments other than the fact that you are playing Mario on a handheld, which is nothing special now. The second one is amazing, even now. If you have and enjoy the second one, you really have nothing to lose getting the first game. But don't expect it to be better, for it is far worse in both content and enjoyment. Good, but bad in comparison to its sequel, in short.

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Has anyone had a chance to play Rhythm Heaven Fever yet? I'm trying to decide whether I should buy that or No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (although I do plan on picking up both eventually).

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@RevolverLink I noticed that you haven't the played the first NMH yet. I would recommend getting that first as while its not as good as the sequel (which is my second favourite third party Wii game), its still an awesome game. As for Rhythm heaven fever, I haven't played that yet (not that I can as it hasn't even got a release date for Europe yet) but I have played its predecessor and if you're not used to rhythm action games, then you'll probably struggle with it like I have been.


Some of this are somewhat old, but. Some random recent games I remember.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure- If you have the money buy it for 3DS and not console. No, the console version isn't bad, but wildly overrated. Without the toy gimmick it would be getting absolutely no attention. An overly simple hack and slash. The 3DS version on the other side is somewhat underrated, while it's getting the best reviews many non-critics hate it due to... Low replay value? What? With only 9 characters in use and 3/4 extra maps I maxed exclusively on this version I easily managed to clock 25 hours. 7/10 for console. 9/10 for 3DS. Also, as a bonus- 7.5/10 for Spyro's Universe (probably would have scored higher but there are too many server issues.)

Super Mario 3D Land- Try it first, it definitely isn't a Galaxy, but it isn't bad either. It's just too easy really. Fortunately this provides brilliant pick-up-and play qualities thanks to it. However, if you are looking for a new, tougher 3DS game to fill the Ocarina hole don't look here. The only really hard level is the (START SPOILERS) final unlockable level (END SPOILERS) which makes the game rather like a watered version of New Super Mario Bros.... 8/10.

Mario Kart 7- Brilliant. Of all the Mario Kart games I've played (which actually just consists of 64, DS and Wii and this ) this one easily trumps the rest. The customizations are extremely balanced, the new gliding is fantastic and just feels right, and the diving doesn't mix up much but it does show off a lot of pretty new designs. 3D effect adds lots of depth especially when you get hit by a Blooper, watching a replay or using the first-person view. Even the gyro controls are better than one may expect, and I now use them as my main to keep that Golden Wheel! The only thing that puts it half a point down is a lack of offline replay value and some reskinned gliders and almost-cloned parts you can't see hidden benefits of... When online it's scary trying to get a Glitchers-free room when Wuhu Mountain is picked. 9/10

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Oddy wrote:

I don't quite have the money for some of these right now, but I'm curious...

  • PSP/Go when it's cheap after the Vita comes out
  • PS3 at the new discounted price ($249) for inFAMOUS, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, and all the PSN goodness (don't want 360)
  • Playstation Vita, Wi-Fi only model
  • iPod Touch for BIT.TRIP BEAT, the Puzzle Agent games, Angry Birds and the like, plus all the cool apps people talk about
  • Hold out to see if the Wii U will be affordable/awesome at launch
  • Spend my money on all the new 3DS/Steam games coming out
  • Save my money for something better

Which do you recommend?

I asked this in August 2011. And now I'm asking it again, but now through a Metal Gear Solid-informed perspective. And I don't want an iPod anymore, since pix's game is the only one I'm interested in that isn't available elsewhere. and MGS Touch is horrible. So that leaves Sony consoles, mainly, unless Kojima has some hidden Nintendo/PC ports of MGS up his sleeves.

I'm most interested in the PSP in terms of realistic-ness of me actually getting it (in other words, affordability), and it seems like it would be pretty great since it has Portable Ops and Peace Walker (which directly follow MGS3 chronologically), as well as the original Metal Gear Solid for download. It's missing the first two Metal Gears as well as Solids 2 and 4, but the Acid games at least partially make up for that. The only thing about the PSP is it's still $130 new, and I haven't managed to find any good deals on it. It seems kind of silly to get a console that old for full price and not on some kind of sale.

PSP Go: No.

PS Vita: While it doesn't presently have any of the PSP titles available for download, it should have them all in the future plus HD collection, which would give me another, better copy of MGS3, MGS2, and Metal Gears 1 and 2. So eventually, with the Vita, the only main Metal Gear Solid title I would be missing is 4, which is OK since it's the latest chronologically. Only thing about the Vita--that price! $250 for the Wi-Fi model and dozens more dollars for a memory card take away much of the appeal. A price drop on those would make me consider the Vita a lot more closely.

PS3: Technically, this is the best console for MGS, as it contains every single main title besides Portal Ops. It doesn't have any of the spin-offs (though it will have Rising), but it's still way above PSP and a little bit above Vita. And the great thing is, I still want those other first-party games I mentioned last August, so the PS3 should be great for all of my gaming needs. For some reason the price seems a little bit easier to stomach since it's a home console, but I have to wonder if I'm better of waiting for one last price drop.

And then there's a PS2, which I could get for pretty cheap. The thing is I'd only be able to play 2 and 3 (at least they'd be pretty much the best versions), and the MGs (via Subsistence), all used. I could always get The Twin Snakes for like $30 used, but that seems like a waste of money when it could be going to part of a PSP or PS3.

Keeping in mind I have until my birthday in late July to decide what I want, though if I got a PS3 or Vita I'd have to shell out a bunch of my own money as well. When it comes down to it, I just want the best and most affordable Sony console for playing Metal Gear Solid. Thanks for your advice, and cheers.

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Ok well since it seems that I might be sending my Wii in for repairs it looks like I will be pulling out my Gamecube from storage. Since I dont consider the GC retro I decided to post here about some GC game recommendations.

First up on my GC list is Luigi's Mansion. I have never played this one and with the sequel on the horizon I though I would give this one a try. My question is how is it compared to say Super Mario Sunshine or SMB 64? Does it have the god awful camera control problems that plagued Super Mario Sunshine? How is it overall compared to other Mario games?

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Luigi's mansion 2 and Animal crossing 3DS don't even have release dates yet so I think you should get one of the other 3 soon. While MP9 does look pretty good, KI: U and Zelda: SS look amazing so one of those two would probably be the best choice.


I am planning to get kid icarus. Does Kid icarus have anything else besides the main campaign, multiplayer and the AR cards thing? Please tell me... :3

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