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Nibelilt wrote:

Trying to cheat our way through, are we?

I've been putting that command in since Red, no joke.

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Finally made it through Victory Road to the Elite Four and then we had to talk to the teleport man and teleport back home...
Makes me want to cry, but at the same time I couldn't help but laugh.

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Well I think I'm about done with Twitch plays Pokemon the constant jokes about rape recently disgust me.

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@GuradianKing I have no words to describe how awesome it was(except those words)

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How dare they erase Mr. T!

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But then, well I guess they are going to struggle

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I hate double posting but I think this is the most exciting and bizarre run yet. We got a traunt machop with cross chop and comet punch. We are so very very dead. I mean wild zigazagoon with tri-attack. Going to be exciting though.

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