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gotta love the images they make

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So much great stuff has come out of this stream. hopefully when we make it to the safari zone, we will beat it before we go broke.
I hope that eventually we revive the helix fossil.

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Who are you running from? (?_?)/
someday there will be a cactus pokemon, that is actually good.
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We were so close to beating Giovanni... One more attack and Kangaskhan would of fainted.. But no, Whirlwind had to be selected... And now we must face the evils of the Rocket Hideout yet again... May Helix have mercy on our souls...

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Well, at least we KNOW we can't lose this time with our team full... If he doesn't use Rage again...

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Oh my gosh... I remember seeing this on Nintendo Everything!! I got so excited when they managed to climb a set of stairs... but then they went down it again... Just ridiculous.

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Watched a bit of this stream when they were trying to get through that series of ledges.


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Dear, this is hilarious and yet painful to watch.

It's sad how apparent the trolls get when the stream enters Democracy mode. start9 never gets less than second place....

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