Topic: Trouble with nintendo points from pepsi rockband contest!!

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I got three reedeamable codes and and everytime I try choosing a song there is always an error. Im always trying, I tried closing the window, signing out, going back later and EVERY song I choose doesnt seem to work. Anybody know what I should do?



No clue...haven't tried entering mine yet--saving up til closer to the end of the promo. Which console are you getting them on? (since I was under the impression you just cash them in for Wii/DS points if you're using either console)

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You choose the song, which is useless on the wii since they just give you points. I was planning on getting Picobits with them. Oh well.



I got a message today telling me that they are currently out of Wii tokens and to check back later in the week to redeem my points. I just hope they aren't pulling the plug on this promotion already.


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