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Nintendo loves it when peopl trip.

Been oplaying wii sports basketball, and I am getting sucked in. If you have not played it it kind of copies the thinking in the baseball wii sports game and makes a team game into a series of one on one inteactions. Anyway, on defense you can swipe and steal if your timing is right, if you miss you often trip and are laid out to a ridiculous degree and leave an open shot or an open lane for a dunk. Quite funny and good risk/reward, but whatever, made me think of all the Nintendo games that people or things trip in....(other great thing about this game is basketballs bouncing off of faces, when you block or dunk. Sometimes when you dunk you knock over a couple of people and after you slam it home it can bounce off their heads as they lie on the pavement, lol. 2nd best Mii mutilation in the game other than wakebaording - slam into rocks or get the rope and Mii opposite the boat on a buoy - smack!)

Anyway, other games with tripping?

Like PIkmin - ever notice when some pikmin take forever to catch up to the main crowd? - They trip all the time.

Smash Bros - that really pisses off a certain kind of smash brother that their charachters can randomly trip....

Animal Crossing, I think, now suddenly I am not sure. The pitfalls sure, but is there tripping as well???

Any others?

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Yes, you can trip in AC. Try wearing the King Tut mask and running around.

I think it's a Japanese cutesy thing. You often see childish characters tripping in manga and anime, and your adventurers in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles MLaaK trip periodically as they run off to go fight for you.

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In Paper Mario Shy Guys trip.

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In AC the tripping happens when you get a certain reading from the forturn teller.

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As a side effect, if you trip in AC while carrying a balloon, you lose it.

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Basketball pick-up games are hilarious. The tripping is great, and seeing someone get hit in the face with a basketball never gets old.

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