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As was stated earlier, unless you yourself have locked a topic, please do no unlock a topic that a moderator or administrator has locked. However, if you feel that a topic has been unfairly locked, you can always contact an administrator here and we will look into the matter. Thanks.

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We have the power to unlock topics??

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Aye aye captain

are you going to lock this topic?

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You (apparently) have the power to unlock topics that admins locked, if you created that topic yourself.



RJay wrote:

We have the power to unlock topics??

I believe he means that if you make a topic, you can unlock and lock it

EDIT: what pixelman said lol

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Yes you can lock and unlock a topic that you yourself create. Even if an admin locks it. And it's becoming a problem and needed to be addressed. And if the power of closing topics is being abused, the admins need to know about it.

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